Topic: Holiday Horror

One of my favorites has to be Jack Frost.
Black Christmas, loved both.
Love the Gingerdead Men movies, haven't seen the second one yet.
Santa Claws, didn't like.
Santa's Slay, loved it!
Christmas Evil, not so much.

Thankskilling I didn't like. hmm

Too many Halloween related ones to name.

Any more Holiday Horror suggestions?
Tis' the season to be eekin' tongue big_smile

Re: Holiday Horror

First, you kind of ran into the same questions I'm asking here.

2nd- You can check out the various Christmas horror films we've done before.  Some even have podcasts of the viewings.

If you want to look at the various Halloween films we've done, check out the the above link, then these-

HFest 2011

HFest 2012

HFest 2013

[edit- holy crap, how many movies have I hosted at this point!  lol ]

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