Topic: Bad Construction Area Drivers

This morning when I was doing my daily heroin and enriched uranium dropoffs (hello NSA, FBI, Homeland Security, MIAA, RIAA, and others.  Gotch ya!), I mean get some smokes, and I went past a construction area where guys had 1/3rd of a 4-lane road blocked off to work on the signal lights.  They had "slow down" signs up all over the place, yet people were blowing past me above the normal speed limit!  What the hell, people?

Anyone else see this kind of asshattery?

Re: Bad Construction Area Drivers

I'm glad I don't have a Driver's License YET. Because I'd be a DANGER. Well not necessarily for the others but certainly for public property because I wouldn't follow any rules and speed like MAD for sure, DAMN SURE.

But yes they are annoying and stupid, seen LOTS of people going way over the top next to schools and it just angers me. Lucky really I don't drive, I'll go after them and crash their asses down. lol