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Hello! i want to find the name of a movie, ive watched it in late '80s or early '90.

the scenes ive remember are :

1) He opens the pharmacy cabinet in bathroom, and in the otherside it was another world (of evil creatures or something) , the place was something like garden.

2) He finds (maybe) a walking  hand (chopped from the wrist) and flushed it in toilet

3) at 12' o clock a women transformed into some kind of monster , door bell rings an he hind her behind the sters

4) some skeletons chase him, last time holds from balcony and skeletons fell.

Sorry for my English , and i hope some one have watch that movie!

thanks in advanced.

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I believe Sir Ace is correct.

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always fun to watch that one

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oh yes this is it!!!! thanks very very very much!