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I have "boom goes the dynamite" and "hey now."  You 2 can fight over everything else.


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I'm more of a "Shazam!" man myself.


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All Skype regulars go check your PMs.


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Done, replied. smile

And yes it's Res Evil Extinction.

I'm Attack Of The Zombies. Sounds fun. lol

But never as much as this...


BOOM!!! ™ © LoudLon. Hahaha


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Been having troubles with my provider since 1 am and it's annoying. BUT I called the tech service and they said there was some work being done in my area so I forgive them. half an hour without Internet is like waiting 666 years. Mwahahaha lol

TV cuts on and off but they say it'll all be over before 10 am so I can manage to listen to music without TV really. In fact I do that often, mute the Tube and leave it just for the imagery. smile

Hope you'll have a very cool week my friends.



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OH DAMN!!! Is it really THAT cold??? lol



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You know my true blind LOVE for LiLo right??? Well I came across this very cool and well written Review of her Instagram account. She posts some weird shots it's mad. Weird but extremely wonderful to look at. Why dya think I love her that much, yes, SHE'S WEIRD!!! lol

http://thoughtcatalog.com/ryan-oconnell … m-account/

Her first one is extremely Gloomy.


So many of her Instagram photos are saturated in filters that you can’t even tell what’s going on, which in a way makes sense I guess. Throughout the years, Lindsay’s brain has become so damaged by drugs and alcohol that it’s probably just turned into one giant Instagram filter on its own.


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WHY oh why do I get a pink bear when I search for Gloomy on Google??? lol



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Awwwwwwwwwww, this is way too damn cute...

http://www.mommasgonecity.com/2013/11/w … -and-beau/



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A word after a word after a word is power.

Damn with ALL the HUGE amount of stuff I write in a day online I'm INSANELY POWERFUL it's mad. lol


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kXnPunk wrote:


Let me fix this for you.

Everyday is Monkey Day.

Don't worry about it, you're only a demon.  Your training will get you to Elder One status soon enough.  Unlike Lon, who is stuck at "Skateboard Poser" level.


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Skateboard Poser Level. HAHAHAHA!!! lol

Well time to crash down into my Nightmare Neverworld and meet my Demons friends. Cya!!!


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I thought you'd like the pic, he's got his evil grin groove going on.  I was a bit harsh with Lon thought, he is the Crotchal SharkRider Master.


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SharkRider is even worst!!! lol

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LoudLon wrote:

Or, you can have NEITHER.

Personally I like my idea better. big_smile

You've won this time...


...hmm, I don't know about that one, I'll find a good one soon enough.


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For future reference, here are my Lon-isms:

"BAM!  You just got (insert past-tense verb here)!"
"That's what she said."
"Boom."  Also, "Boom.  Nailed it." NOTE -- I will occasionally write the word "boom" in all-caps.
"If I had a nickel..."
"Twenty five bucks, same as in town."
"Don't get me started."
"Katie, bar the door."
"To get to the other side."
And, lastly,
"I need a vacation from this vacation."

Everything else is free game. big_smile

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I will work around them then! tongue lol


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You're still mixing up "worst" with "worse."

To be fair, you if you can out-"She said" Lon on Skype, no infraction committed.  But you have to be on your toes.

Also @Lon- I was trying to explain our Skype rap battles to someone a day or so ago.  They thought it was the most horrific thing they ever heard of.  Maybe it was Theli. (?)


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Tuppence more and up goes the donkey.
If you can figure out an appropriate time to use that one feel free smile


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Only a Brit could properly use that one.  Much like Wolfy has the corner market on "Bollocks" and "Aluminiunumnumumnumnumnum" now.


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On a totally different subject, I'm looking forward to tonight.  Those who know already know, and those who don't know, I can't tell you (not my purview).  But you will know by Tuesday morning.

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Well if the dog don't do it, the do done done it.
Look out.

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"stick that up your arse and fart Rule Brittania"


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azathoth wrote:

Also @Lon- I was trying to explain our Skype rap battles to someone a day or so ago.  They thought it was the most horrific thing they ever heard of.  Maybe it was Theli. (?)

It has replaced the whale in my nightmares!


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azathoth, been doing that all my life so I don't think you telling me about it will change that. lol

LoudLon, is it ok if I use them but with ™ and © LoudLon at the end???

Hahahaha Theli, replaced the Whale... big_smile

Great shows tonight. That first of Almost Human looks great, DAMN started with a freaking HOOOT redhead in underwear kissing one of the main peeps, very cool effects too. And no I'm not talking about the red girl. lol

Nothing like waking up and seeing a busty Cowgirl really. Makes my monday night better than the day. MWAHAHAHA