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Dangerous movie with a DANGEROUS CAST!!! lol
Glenn Close, Malcovich, Michelle Pfeiffer, Reeves and OHHH YUM UMAAA!!!

And what an incredibly cool story this is. A MASTERPIECE this truely is. I dig this flick, I dig movies in this era. smile


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kXnPunk wrote:
azathoth wrote:

You should check out the Wolverine: Origins film.  It has a bunch of guys not in the X-Men films, plus the origin of DeadPool.

I did, what do you think??? lol

You know what's EXTREMELY WEIRD???
It starts now on TV. Damn. O_O


Another EXCELLENT movie from that INSANE year for cinema really.

Sabertooth is badass, the ending where they fight on top of that tower is wild. And the first time I saw it, it was a leaked version with still the 3D models without textures. Hahaha
I love to see how it all started, when Wolverine gets his Adamantium it's insanely wild. So is all of it really. I'm truely in LOOOVE with Rogue's character, she's the best for me. WITH Storm of course. smile

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Iron Man 3 and Only God Forgives


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White House Down
I liked it better than Olympus Has Fallen.  Still had some problems, but decent.


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PASSENDAELE [2008] rewatch

This is DEFINITELY the best War movie EVER MADE!!! Man the story is just so well done it's awesome. A 3 hours canadian masterpiece this is truely. That scene at the end when he drags his friend on a wooden thing is so freaking PHENOMENAL!!! Yep, it's absolutely wonderful. If you haven't seen it, please do, you WON'T be disapointed believe me. big_smile


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Thor: Dark Worlds

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^ Can not wait to see this one!! big_smile


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Woah man, I'm glad The Rock joined them since Fast 5. And boy Elsa Pataki is an actress I freaking love. Another crazy story full of action, fast cars and hot girls so yeah I loved it. Damn I freaking love this series, IT ROCKS LIKE H3LL!!!

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saw "gravity" today. I was one who was ok with 3D when it started it's current trend but it had worn out it's welcome and you couldn't even notice it's use in a lot of films. that said however "Gravity" should be seen in cinemas in 3D for full impact. it is the best use of 3D i have seenand film would not have anywhere near the impact if seen flat. The Film itself, i am reluctant to say much about, for giving anything away but will say everything good you have heard about it is true.It is very good, an emotional, very moving drama. it probably didn't help that i just came out of a rather bad session with the doctor today, where i let myself go a bit, but this film had me crying twice, or is it i'm just getting old but it gets to you. George Clooney is good but Sandra Bullock is exceptional and if she doesn't win the best actress oscar next year i will stop scratching my fleas for a month. film actually made me flinch at the 3D images coming at you a couple of times. film has twist and turns and is suspenseful up until the end, it does overdo the obstacles and the sentiment towards the end  but then finishes with a gripping climax. very good 9/10.


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Got it a few days ago but still haven't watched it yet. Oh but I will, heard so many great things about it. smile


Man, THIS one was a freaking funny as mad blast. They all are from these girls but this one was one of their FUNNIEST!!! lol

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THE ITALIAN JOB [2003] rewatch

Showing on TV now so might as well watch it. big_smile

Damn what an insane cast this one has and damn Charlize is so damn great and cute in it. Favorite line is when Don Sutherland's character says Trust anybody but don't trust the Devil inside them...

Some spectacular cars stunts in this it's amazing!!!

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re watched "The Boys from Brazil" (1978) last night. still a good movie, good music and my favourite line " Shut up, you ugly bitch".
by the way on the subject of film music, the music in "gravity" really helps the emotions in it, drives it along, i sat through the whole of the credits at the cinema yesterday so entranced. really good.

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LOVELACE [2013] rewatch

Man what an insanely great movie, not only because we see Amanda Seyfried naked but all of them, Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone and Juno Temple are extremely good. A very hard story describing the life of one of the first American Porn Star. Damn Amanda is great. LOVE THE CHICK!!!


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NACHO LIBRE [2006] rewatch

Jack Black OWNZ!!! Damn this dude is insanely hilarious and this is one of the best he's done IMO... Hilarity from beginning to end. Oh and Ana De La Reguera is cool too. smile

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hangover 3 and it sucked. then watched pacific rim and didn't care for it much. looking forward to finally seeing "the conjuring" this week at some point

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UNTRACEABLE [2008] rewatch

H3LL the stellar performance of Diane Lane in this is freaking MIND BLOWING!!! Girl is wild.
Very nice story twist on the ages old kinapping thingy. The last kill, the dude in the acid container with people watching online is just SICK!!! Great flick that I love rewatching. big_smile


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ANOTHER EARTH [2011] rewatch

Man this is another masterpiece of Sci-Fi. Brit Marling as Rhoda, the main character is astoundingly perfect. Amazing performance.

A new earth appears in the sky and we discover that there is others exactly like us but some differences. Love how it switches from one planet to the other so we never really know where it is until the end. FANTASTIC one, to see if you like Sci-Fi crazy dramas and haven't done it before, really worth it. smile


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LES MISÉRABLES [2012] rewatch

Felt like some great musical and this one is definitely my favorite with Rent, Sweeney Todd and Sound Of Music, sorry azathoth, but I personaly like it. lol

The scene where Anna's character accept that the Captain fucks her which he finally doesn't, stupid fool, the song she sings is just MAGNIFICIENT. When I'll get my new BADASS DEMON, it'll put it on You Tube, H3LL what an interpretation, brought tears to my eyes. smile

Wonderful casting. Incredible even. I freaking love my sweet sexy Amanda's character. And boy does it deserves all the Awards??? DAMN YESSSsss!!!

FANTASTIC adaptation of my favorite Victor Hugo's books. Insanely well put.

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Law Abiding Citizen


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Oh what an amazing one with a very touching story. Guy is into a private school with priests and everybody's bullying him. His mom is sick and goes often into a coma and he visits her everyday. He decides to run the Marathon. There's some extremely cool and funny scenes. And damn Jennifer Tilly is fantastic as the nurse. And the boy who plays Ralph is just SPECTACULAR!!! Very cool one to fall asleep to. big_smile


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Woody Allen. Enough said. Hilarious, this guy is the funniest ever built.


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What a jaw dropping movie this is. Can't say anything that I disliked in it. Plus features an awesome cast doing an amazing acting. smile

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The Butterfly Effect (2004, re-watch).

An intense, dramatic, emotional roller-coaster working off of a mathematical, theoretical concept known as "Chaos Theory". It's basically the idea that small initial conditions in a system can yield a number of diverging outcomes, and thus the inevitable unpredictability that results of that system. Using this theory for social relations creates one hell of a science-fiction story...see Ray Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder". This movie is GREAT in my opinion...they get a bit sloppy with the theory in their portrayal in the latter half of the movie, but that's a minor complaint. The acting is incredibly top-notch, the story is wild and moving, and it ends up being a fairly thought-provoking and interesting film.