Topic: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

This is my audio tape of the reading of the classic short story. it is longer than i thought so have broken it up in two parts. i did not listen to the whole thing in playback so there may be a few falterings and i apologise for any mispronunications of words . i tried and if i failed i await your ridicule, if you make it to the end after nearly 20 minutes of my droning then i salute you!

This is dedicated to my dear friend and fellow forum member  Mary Bart ( dirty girl) i hope i haven't failed you Mary xx 

here goes then

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Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

Just listening now, Wolfman. I am loving it so far. You're already an old hand at this. Very clear and well enunciated, great pacing. Just 5 minutes in, but I think it's your best reading yet so far.

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Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

Damn YES!!!

I dig all the atmosphere you put in your pronunciation.
And the chair cracking gives an even creepier one. lol

H3LL you're good. You should do a freaking radio show man. smile

Just share it. Too cool to keep it just for me. lol

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Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

I agree about the chair creeking, the odd sound effect in here would make it even more amazing. Just finished the first half, and am mid way into the second. It's impressive how long you read with hardly a fault.

Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

Indeed. No mistakes whatsoever.

wolfman FOR PRESIDENT!!! big_smile

Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

I had to practice a short poem multiple times to not stumble over my words too much, and Wolfie's hitting off 20 minute readings like nothing.

Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

Yeah freaking insane.

H3LL with the english I speak which isn't my true language it'd have taken me a week and it'd have so many errors.

I bow down to you sir wolfman. And no worries, I'm SURE DirtyGirl will enjoy it. H3LL LOVE it even. big_smile

Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

confession time! i just came on here to  take a look on this forum for the last time, i know you can't cancel the HMCA account because i've tried and even asked before and it can't be done so i was going to take my picture off and change the comment to "gone, bye". that is the honest truth. why? i won't bother saying but am considering closing my twitter and facebook accounts as well and that may happen in the next few days. i am going through a very " bad patch" shall we say and having bad thoughts again. back to the doctors and had a stand up row with her last time and i'm back tomorrow although that might be the last time too, not that she is a  bad doctor, she isn't except i'm not doing what i've already done to stop this and it failed, so why do it again? anyway i digress, the thing is Theli and Punk you will be considered heroic by some and villians by others because i've just read what you've written on here about the recording on here and thank you both for your kind comments, and you have bought a smile to my face for the first time in about a week. i have decided to stay a while longer at least . as for this recording i actually think it was a gamble, it's long, i like the story but it was longer than i remembered it, i actually got bored doing it and i think it shows, i consider it a failure and easily the worst of the recordings i have done so far. Theli, i actually did this one on the fourth attempt, i stumbled over some words after five minutes, the same words every time and started again but i did it all in one sitting and at least i didn't go through the whole thing each time. as for that fucking chair! i listened to some of it back and i thought " what the hell's that noise"? and i pondered doing the whole thing again but decided to leave it as it was.
I would love to add some background music or sound effects to the readings but i'm not clever enough, i'm old and technical things terrify me and i am pretty terrified of computers! can only do basic things. anyway thank you for your comments as i said it has  lifted me for a few minutes . you may have even inspired me to do more but it may even be my own writings, but i warn you i have put some of those on the "horror poems " section  in the past and they are pretty bleak  or i may come across something else that i think would warrant  a reading but who knows? thanks a lot guys!

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Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

Why you quitting, Wolfman? We love you around here!

Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

Another wonderful reading Wolfie!  The Outsider has always been one of my favourites by HP Lovecraft.  So tragic.  You really feel sorry for the monster in that story. 

As for taking a break from social media-  we all need a break now and then.  So I understand your wanting to get away for a while. Just don't delete your accounts because your friends will still be here when you decide to come back.

Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

Glad that it made you smile wolfman boy man. And hopefully everything will set up right for you in the future. Just take care and never forget we LOVE you here so when you're ready to come back, we'll be here waiting for you and your SEXY avatars that's for sure.

Good luck my friend and best of luck to fix what goes wrong. Cya bro.

Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

Wolfie, you take a break every year.  Don't worry, my friend, we'll be here when you come back.  You know you can't stay away from the ladies for too long.  And watching monkeys beatup Lon.

Unless an octopus eats me.  It's one of a monkey's few weakness- they have more (prehensile [if that's accurate]) limbs than we do.

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Re: my Reading of "The Outsider" by H P Lovecraft

Well keep your chin up man, and when you're feeling like it again, just come on back!