Topic: Death Daugthers (J-Horror from Russia)

Death Daugthers (J-Horror from Russia)

Hello is the amateurs of films of horrors!
Glad to represent you the new Russian film of horrors of Death Daugthers.

Official site :                  Russian version English  version


10 minute cutting from a film

Year: 2006

Director: Pavel Rumynov

Ekateryna Cheglova , Artem Semakyn, Nykyta Emshanov, Michael Dement'ev, Michael Efymov, Ravshana Kurkova, Dar'ya Charusha , Ivan Volkov, Elena Morozova, Alisa Grebenschykova , Olga Volkova and other

Scenario: Paul Rumynov

Genre: thriller, horrors


Once a mad mother for one night sank three the little daughters.

After a few years, the mother-killer placed in a hospital mental for diseases was also cruelly killed through three types of plain weapon. Witnesses asserted that it was done by three girl-teenager.

The ghosts of dead daughters took revenge to the mother, but their thirst of revenge was not appeased, and a spite was not dispersed.

The mortal chain reaction was resulted in action: during THREE DAYS they watched after that, WHO SAW the LAST THEIR VICTIM. As soon as a man accomplished some bad act, ghosts fell out with him.

In them is enormous force. And this force grows.
They can not find rest.

Possibly, they - not simply ghosts. They....

...And I'm very sorry for my bad English smile))

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Re: Death Daugthers (J-Horror from Russia)

I have covered this movie pretty extensively on the site.. I really think it looks good.. Can't wait to see how it turns out..

Re: Death Daugthers (J-Horror from Russia)

Thank you for the professed interest.

I also very wait the output of film, especially as at us lately in our Russian cinema there is no what or looking like the films of horrors.
As far as possible I will publish here on a forum all information accessible to me.

Shots from a film are "Dead daughters"

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