Topic: Internet generation ghosts

I was watching Beetlejuice earlier when something dawned on me...

If there was an afterlife, what would it be like to be haunted by someone from the current internet generation? You know what I mean; there are the period ghosts and so on. Like the headless Victorian era ghost, the civil war drummer ghost, 1980's prom queen ghost.

Can you imagine being haunted by an internet troll from the 2000's?

You move into a new house, a nice middle-aged couple used to live there with their 26 year old son, but moved out after he tragically suffered a stroke while playing COD Black Ops. They couldn't take the painful memories.

So, anyways, after you move in when you notice strange noises coming from the son's room (coincidentally the basement) bangs, knocks, the X-Box 360 keeps turning itself on and off. You are doing some laundry one night when you swear you feel someone whisper the word "noob" into your ear. The occurrences become more frequent and intense.
Your browser keeps going to newgrounds whenever you leave the room, your desktop image will randomly change by itself (usually to a picture of a penis or the rick roll guy) and whenever you put a video on youtube the video stops on it's own; always at the 4:20 mark.
All the while you notice that someone keeps trolling your comments on your favourite message board. You don't know who this is, or what his problem is with you, but he bashes your every comment like clockwork.  One day you get sick of it and using your technological skill you look into the IP of the user. You look at the numbers and they seem so familiar... and that's when it hits you. You check your own settings, sweat beading on your forehead, and gasp in horror at the grim sight that awaits you: THE MESSAGES ARE COMING FROM YOUR OWN COMPUTER!

You run up the stairs into the bathroom to collect yourself; splashing your face with cold water in the sink. You dry your eyes and look up when you see... Written on the bathroom mirror in blood... The message...


It just seems like a funny idea to me. I wonder if these kinds of true-life ghost stories will start coming out someday. Any thoughts?

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