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The comics not in boxes...


HUGE DAMN HARCORE FAN of Cerebus the Aardvark Knight.

The political/spiritual/plain psychedelic wildness the story is made off is badass. The government is ruled by women so it's a very interesting view that I truely love. smile

Under Spawn and Ghostrider are a bunch of my favorites, Black Widow, Spidey, X-Men, Punisher and a few Horror ones. The Star Wars pile under the Jedi's Tales is  full of various Star Wars ones. My favorite being Lost Tride Of The Sith but I like this cover better. lol

House Of Secrets is truely amazing and Vertigo Winter's Eve is well Vertigo so a nice compilation of winter/ Christmas stories, perfect for these times. big_smile

Very nice! I have a bunch of those 90's star wars comics too, loved them. Always wanted to read the the second series of House of Secrets as well, I have tons of it's 70's incarnation.  Some of my favourite artists (and some I'm sure you're familiar with) made their names in it's pages, namely Arthur Suydam, and my favourite artist; Bernie Wrightson. I want to read the Winter's Edge comics too, lots of greast authors in those comics.

Moonraven: I love your bookcase, lots of great books. And like I said before I am always happy to see a Poe collection on the book shelf, and yours looks like a particularly nice edition.

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Damn I just saw the voting thing but haven't read the last one so I took comics bit it's definitely everything not just that.

Theli, yeah I fucked the name, Winter's Edge it is thanks.

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Forgot to say, nice graphic novels, Mike. I still need to catch up on a lot of the Walking Dead Comics.