Topic: RIP "Uncle Phil"

The Fresh Prince is one of my favorite sitcoms.

Sadly, due to complications from a heart surgery James Avery has died.

Thanks for all the many LAUGHS over the years!! You made the show work.

Re: RIP "Uncle Phil"

H3LL yes, he was such a great comedian, you made me laugh to tears and I thank you.

Some will have a funny time in the other side lemme tell ya. big_smile

RIP bro, you'll be missed!!!

Re: RIP "Uncle Phil"

R.I.P. he was great and very likeable

Re: RIP "Uncle Phil"

I very much enjoyed him in all I saw him in.  Looked like a really warm person to be around.  Another great one we no longer have.  RIP

Re: RIP "Uncle Phil"

I grew up watching that series, he will always have a place in my childhood. RIP Mr. Avery.

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