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Don't know if there is already a topic for this. Drop your favorite video here so we can rock out with our horror out! Try to keep it to one song but if you feel the need to link a whole concert drop it off at the youtube topic

Chris Cornell live acoustic "Burden in my hand"

Re: Favorite music videos

Distillers-Drain The Blood

Best video EVER MADE for me. Awesome cinematography and song.

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Second favorite. Same reasons.

Kittie-What I Always Wanted

And third is this...

Suicidal Tendencies-Possessed To Skate

Re: Favorite music videos

Korn - Freak on a leash

Re: Favorite music videos

Not really a "video" but a live performance of the score for Tenebre by the band Goblin.

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Ah Goblin man, woah.

Live On Release-Let's Go

Rad cute girls with motorbikes and Monster Trucks. Wee!!!

Fluffy-Black Eye

Horrorish clip pretty damn cool. big_smile

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Bruce Springsteen - Light of Day (good movie if you haven't seen it with micheal j fox and joan jett)

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My Ruin-Terror

I got hips, tits...........I'm drunk, I'm sober...........