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What group are you talking about?


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Alucard the Risen wrote:
LoudLon wrote:

Nine times out of ten, what drives people crazy is the frustration of trying to control the actions of others.  Heads up: it's impossible.  You can't control another person, can't make them say or do anything they're not inclined to do.  All you can do is control how you react to it.

In other words, you can either let it affect you, or you can shrug it off and do your own thing.  Personally, I typically go with option two. wink

For someone with low enough self-esteem and self-worthiness, and enough intimidation and fear, you can, at least for a time. Like the men that beat or berate their women on a regular basis and yet those women would still fight for them because they truly believe those men love them without question and believe it's acceptable punishment, and even when the illusion is shattered the fear still remains as yet another chain, and these relationships never end well, weak men like that are dangerous, because someone that used to his own small amount can, and usually is, be driven to do terrible and even violent things to get that power back.

Which is why we don't associate with people like that, especially when our group is almost 80/20 in favor of women, and Serra pays for each who can't afford it, to learn self defense and hand-to-hand combat training, and what kind of weapons to use and where to place them.

I'm an experienced counselor and case worker, bro.  You're not telling me anything I don't already know or haven't seen a couple hundred times over.  lol

We used to refer to that kind of behavior as "beaten dog syndrome."  Guy gets a dog, ties it on a leash and beats it every day for a year.  One day he lets the dog off the leash.  Does it run away?  No.  It stays put.  Because that's become its routine, the only life it knows. 

That's one thing people and dogs have in common; we're all creatures of routine.  The trick is to break that routine.  It's not easy, but it's far from impossible.

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I hate routines, which is why my supers are always frustrated with me, tongue

In that situation it would have got violent for me, I was raised by the Lady to respond to fear with force, emotions are like colors, fear is black, rage is red, I was taught that if someone shrouds you black, burn it away with red, until everything turns white.


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Bless my mom's heart, she did her best to teach me how to be a man and stand up for myself but she was always giving me conflicting ideologies.  One minute she'd say something like "Never ever let another person lower you to the point where you have to lay hands on them."  The next minute it'd be something like "Don't ever let anyone push you around."  Then the next minute it'd be something like "No one wins in a fight."  So when I started getting bullied in 8th grade, I didn't know what the hell I was supposed to do.  So I did nothing.  I didn't fight back, but I didn't cower and run away, either.  I just stood there and took it. 

It wasn't until my junior year when I'd finally had enough of being bullied and fought back that I realized the truth is, all three of those ideologies have merit.  So when you Frankenstein them together, what you have is "Always stand up for yourself, but never fight unless you have to -- and if you do have to, kick the fucker's ass."

That philosophy's served me pretty well so far. lol

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Same here, but it didn't take me that long to have had enough, I'd been the victim of bullying since 1st, by the time I got to 4th, it wasn't bullying anymore, it turned into flat-out beatings. Helped that my Navy stepdad taught me how to fall, land, and fight, tongue


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I hope everyone ok a cross the pond, I did not know it that cold there,

I saw on the ITV news, that hot water froze even before hitting the ground.

Keep warn and safe if you are COLD places,

UK keeps getting hit windy and rain, A lot of flooding in coast but I okay, I am in the mids of UK, no floods for US.

I hoping it should clam down soon, I do want some snow,  The looks of it the US stole are snow lol


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When I lived in Canada back in '00-'01, I was watching the morning news when the weather man, to display how cold it was outside, threw a bucket of water into the open air and it instantly crystallized into snow.

That's how cold it was here yesterday.  And I'm nowhere near Canada! lol

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Y'all can keep all that, haha, I'll keep my 18F mornings and varied 25-50F afternoons, tongue


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Theli, you'll go through it. Time fixes everything. Patience is the key word. I for one found the best way. I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING aside what I like. Period. Just like everytime I got in a fight, I didn't do shit and just let the fuckers punch me until they were tired. I have a huge resistance factor, must be all the physical pain I'm going through in my life since years. They finally stop because they see it's uselles and me well I laugh at them the most I can so who wins???

Yup, it's me. Mwahahaha lol

Happy, the tech dude fixed it at up and the net hasn't disconnected since he came last night. Way to go Quebec's tech boy man. big_smile

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And then comes tomorrow, tongue


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If it held up for a whole day I bet it will for much longer...

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Until you jinx it, tongue


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Which I won't. But seriously, very happy that I got my download limit to unlimited, now I'll be able to download EVERYTHING without having to watch up the limit. YAY!!!

Come to me Porn. Hahaha big_smile

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Damn I was gonna make a porn comment, you stole my thunda!!


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I never had to fight all that much.  Being more of a bigger guy, after a shove back and forth, I usually found a way to talk my way out of a fight.  The very few times I wasn't able to do that, it was a bad day for them.  Fighting's bad for my playing hands.

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Where I grew up, didn't matter how big you were, fresh blood always got tested, sad


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That's exactly my main problem words. They always are full of insults and swear words when I get in trouble. Can't help it. And even while they punch the H3LL outta me it keeps going on crazily. Mwahaha lol

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The fighting was until I learned that school was about presentation, if you could appear mean and nasty enough, far fewer would mess with you. That's my interest in gothic and horror culture started, where I first saw the true beauty of gothic culture and those who lived it, that's when I first found The Bridge.

I started behaving spasmatically, body language not associated with humans, more insectile, jerky. Started speaking erratically when confronted, pacing and rubbing my hands together and when someone grabbed me I'd look up at them with eyes wide, grinning like a sinner and would slowly open my hand one finger at a time in a slow wave. They concluded I was nuts and mostly left me alone, tongue


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Exactly. I'm much more Evil than everyone of them and I'm extremly more ultra-crazy than any of them too. lol

Pissed off at Bell again. Connection stayed cool for 2 damn short days and it begins to crap out once more since last night. I started screaming louder at them to which they said calm down to which I replied I'll calm down when you bastards will finally be able to gimme a stable service. If ya don't no way I'm paying this crappy month dya hear me???

Dude is making some tests now on their side, they BETTER FIX THAT SHIT or I'll destroy this Bell madness...


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Pretty good now that Road Killers and Cheap Thrillers is a go!


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Well the tech came back a few minutes ago and he switched the network because the neighbours have a fine connection without any probs. Hopefully it'll hold up fine because I'm getting annoyed as mad of all that crap.

Slept very good so I'm in top shape until my next nap. big_smile

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my emotions couldn't be better right now!


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In a amazing mood, hungout with some friends last night had some drinks, great workout this morning, and spending the evening with the gf big_smile

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Well, bad news here! My computer is very outdated and it works extremely bad. I'll try one last time to get it fixed, but I really think this time it could be the end. It's going tomorrow for repair for at least a week.

Of course, I can't afford to buy a new one...not now anyway.

Hope to see you soon, in the meantime, take care everyone. wink