Re: Skype "Hello" Thread

Yeah was definitely getting damn long.

Been a while I didn't log in but as you can see I'm there now. lol

Re: Skype "Hello" Thread

Wating Lord of Illusions with punk in about 1.5 hours.

Care to join? YES YOU DO!

Re: Skype "Hello" Thread

Yes I do!!! But you already know that don't you??? lol

Re: Skype "Hello" Thread

OK, my computer has gone bagshit, I have no idae wot is's dooing.  Heck, it re-spelled about 5 words in that last sentence. 

I don't know if t is the HM site or my keybaord is just fraehng out.

Get back to you later on tonight.


Re: Skype "Hello" Thread

^Good luck with that.

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Ouch. Hopefully it's not the same spell that has possessed ALL my Computer or you'll have some insane shit going on I can tell you. roll

But good luck indeed. Sending postive power to counter attack that damn bug. Thinking about it could this be the fault of these damn SPAMMER Bots???

But for me, the solution is to get back in the golden age... lol

I wouldn't wanna be at your place, shit like this annoys me. And I get annoyed VERY OFTEN. sad

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Re: Skype "Hello" Thread

azathoth, add me kxnpunk666... Thank you sir. smile

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