Topic: Forsaken Repose: Zombies! (with pictures!)

Months after I started writing it, Forsaken Repose:  Zombies! is finally available on Amazon.  The book will be free on 3/1/14 and 3/2/14, so make sure you swing by and score a free copy!

The book contains three short stories:

In the story, "The Right Line of Work" a man leading an extraordinary life asks very ordinary questions about work, family and the purpose of existence. When confronted by an undead mob, things come quickly into focus.

In the story, "From the Womb to the Tomb" a pregnant woman travels to a tropical island in search of her missing boyfriend. Complications quickly arise, dark secrets are revealed and a horror greater than anything anyone could have imagined emerges.

In the story "Roused From Rest" a zombie contemplates his motivations as he goes about his grisly business.

To round out the whole thing, I've got some promotional images to whet your flesh-eating appetites!