Topic: Near Dark remake???

It will be directed by the legendary director Samuel Bayer!!!!!   

You haven't heard of him yet? He's only directed music videos for the Smashing Pumpkins,Metallica,and(appropriately enough)Garbage.

Why ruin a good memory?  I remember being blown away by this movie in theaters, and to have some schmuck remake it is.........a travesty!

Can't they find a good director to make horror movies these days??? Are we that desperate that we have to hire MTV rejects to make horror flicks??

Does MTV even play videos anymore????

Re: Near Dark remake???

goon actually posted about this almost a year ago. … elect=News

Near Dark project has been in the works awhile. good , bad you decide.

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Eh, I like the original because it's old school, but that doesn't mean they can't do a remake well. Worries me--MTV directors getting into horror let alone any kind of genre--but he deserves a chance until all the evidence is in because you never know and the guy might do a good job...but I hate MTV now'days, so he better not screw up!

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No offense MEH, but he couldn't have posted who the director was because he was recently cast.

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none taken i was responding to the topic of near dark remake. yes there is a remake coming.. good / bad you decide.

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how come they only remake good movies? why not take a first time director and let him remake something that stunk the first time around? so if he fails then no harm no foul.

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They should remake Halloween...oh wait...

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