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Woah man, such a bunch of crazy beautiful images, make up and FX that is. Damn the set designs are awesome. And boy that coughing chick made me laugh. No idea why, she just did. lol

Well done bro!!! And best of luck with it.

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Watched both trailers.
It's quite a lavish production you've got there!
Clearly,a lot of love and attention has been invested in the art direction, something I find scarce in many independent films.

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Thank you Mathis and Punk

And Theli

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Looks fantastic, great trailer. You white zombie lloks like quite the cutie.

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Official Press Release with more information, incase anyone wants to attend the premier.  Hopefully in about a month, I've got even more cool news to share with everyone.

RagNBone Productions proudly presents the Mid Ohio Valley White Zombie 2014 Movie Premier July 12th, 2014 at The Twin City Opera House at 15 West Main St., McConnelsville, Ohio. The doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm.
There will be merchandise for sale: DVD's, T-shirts, posters and much more.

Cost of Admission is $7.00. To purchase tickets in advance please visit our website at
or send your check or money order made payable to RagNBone Productions to: 6110 Hewitt Gifford Rd., Warren, OH 44481. Please include the name and address for where you want the tickets shipped. Tickets will be mailed out starting on June 16, 2014.

Seating is very limited so purchase your tickets ASAP.


Beautiful socialite Madeline White (Scarlet Sheppard) travels to the Old World to be reunited with her fiancée Neil Bellamy (Isaac Eastwood) with plans to marry. However, on the voyage to the islands Madeleine meets wealthy plantation owner Gilles Beaumonde (Joey Madia) who falls in love with her. Neil and Madeline seal their plans to marry unaware that Beaumonde already has his own intentions for Madeline. Beaumonde enlists the help of an evil voodoo master Severin Devereaux (Eric Vasbinder) who commands a crew of zombies with nefarious plans of his own.

Staring: Scarlet Sheppard, Isaac Eastwood, Eric Vasbinder, Joey Madia, Tom Smith, Jeff Bedgood, Heather Hepburn, and introducing Andrew Parsons

With: Mike Walker, Amanda E. Baker, Amy Vasbinder, Sean Humburg, Butch Hoover, Rush Whitacre, Lynn Moss, Jess Clay, Valorie Dunch, Andrew Clovis, and David B. Prather, Joseph Walker, Mike Johnson, Jenny Christopher, Paige Cole

Written by Susan Sheppard, Cinematography By Mike Petrucci, Directed by Arthur Leo Collins.

A RagNBone Production 2014

Here is a link to our trailers:

Here is a link to our website:

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If I was anywhere near, I'd be there in a second.

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Thanks a million Theli, I still want to see your review of our first movie House on The Wrong Side of The Tracks, once it's up on Amazon.  They just got it today, so it'll probably be up in a month.  I'll let everyone know when they can see it, but I sure appreciate any feedback, good or bad.