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^Ha, snuck in before you posted!

Forgot to say I still really need to see the Poughkeepsie Tapes, I've heard a lot of interesting reviews for it.

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You Snucker!!! lol

But yes, a very fine one it is.

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You are an exception then Theli...to people I've heard from any way.  Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity in particular, bring out so much hate.  I find it funny when people talk about how much they hated Paranormal Activity, and how horrible it was, how it was terrible to sit through and number 2 was even worse, but even worse was number 3.   

I just wonder why they kept seeing them?  What were they expecting?  Its not exactly a secret what they're about.  Don't get me wrong, I don't care if people like the movies.  To each their own.  Again, its just the hate that intrigues me.

Punk - I think they were pretty close.  Frankenstein's Army.


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People are sheep Ghost. They do what others do, not what they want to do. Paranormal Activity comes out around Halloween, people want to go see a horror movie, doesn't matter what it is, and everyone else go to watch Paranormal Activity, so sheep do to. Plus it's the hipster attitude of people these days, it's so much fun to hate what everyone else likes.

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^ Yeah, I should probably stop worrying about it.  big_smile

This Blackwater Vampire...or whatever it was is available as a rental on Amazon.  I need to check that out.  Maybe tonight to get over the sadness of Walking dead being gone.


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Still haven't watched the second half of this season of WD. Definitely want to check out Black Water Vampire, unfortunately not cheap to order off Amazon.ca.

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Yeah, its 4 bucks.  I reserve renting for things I really want to see, but all the comments have made me really want to see it.


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I meant to buy, it's like $25. Have never rented off Amazon, might at some point if I can link my comp up to my TV, and the streaming quality isn't garbage, but I wouldn't pay a dime to watch a movie on my computer.

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Yes indeed Ghostseeker which I enjoyed a lot.

And yes, all that hate makes me really wonder too.

For example I prefer much more [REC] than Paranormal Activity but it's far from hate, just a very personal preference. H3LL 2 of the creepiest films I've seen in my life are FF, The Blair Witch Project and Grave Encounters. These give me shivers each damn time...

I found Black Water fun but that doesn't mean anything at all. lol

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Theli, that's what I've always done. Hey, of course, Digital screens not my TV so...

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Oh I forgot about Rec!  That was one hell of a movie. Loved every minute of it.


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any one seen Alien Abduction (2014) ?

Looks good, looks better then Unware that came out last year!