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You know the famous scene in The Exorcist, where Linda Blair's head spins a full 360 degrees? Imagine a contraption that does that to you without the benefit of satanic possession. And to your arms and legs, too, twisting them in their sockets until flesh, muscle and bone rip and snap like wet tree bark.

Now thats what I'm talking about! In fact Bousman even told them this one will be the bloodiest yet. "I would say the most tame parts of Saw III are (equal to) the most extreme parts of Saw II," he said. "It's going to be interesting to see if we get away with half the things we're shooting right now. I'm even offended looking at what I'm shooting at the moment."

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I gotta say it sounds pretty damn creepy!

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Hell yea.. at first I have to admit I was a little put off by the synopsis.. They made it sound like a thriller somewhat like the first film.. But with this recent revelation I'm really looking forward to the third entry in the Saw franchise

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It's great that they're keeping the great ideas flowing, to be honest some of the traps in the second one (the box that the woman gets her wrists stuck in for example) seemed too, well made, I know that's pretty hypocritical as I loved the beartrap mask thing, but some traps in the second one seemed too sparkly and "nice" if it's applicable to use here.

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I loved the first SAW but frankly SAW 2 did not do it for me at all and really that ending (no im not gonna spoil it) did not do it for me either. The first one was great, despite shitty acting, the 2nd one was just luke warm for me. I am hoping Saw 3 redeems.

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Saw 2 seemed like a typical thriller but with some original traps to me, too many throwaway characters and some stuff just annoyed me. Though the acting was top notch, I was scared they'd have Tobin Bell acting weird, but hsi role was perfect.

Too bad the pacing and the film wasn't as good.