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Another Foreign FAV of mine is Delicatessen, made in France.

It is a SICK, comedy,  horror flick.

Has anyone seen it?

If you love WEIRD stuff get Delicatessen!  big_smile

Link about the movie here:

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Yeah, it's pretty good. I saw it a few years ago on netflix. Also, after watching it, i remembered hearing about it on one of the later episodes of roseanne, when dj meets a girl at a video store and she's into weird and different movies and she suggests it to dj. I just thought it was kinda funny.

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I just checked and you can watch the whole movie on YouTube YAY!!  smile

I do not have Delicatessen in my collection yet so I am going to watch this in a few minutes on Youtube!

I like to watch a horror flick on Sunday evenings before I begin my week on Monday. lol smile

Dark Mistress aka Dracula's Wife

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wasn't a fan of this film
but i like some of jean Pierre Jeunet's films
City Of The Lost Children imo was better

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This is one of the strangest, sickest craziest film I've seen ever. EVERYTHING from Jeunet rules. Alien Resurrection anyone???