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I managed to solve compatibility issues in the past by downgrading to older versions. I'm talking Windows here. Mobile versions are past redemption. Anyway, here's a link:
Just don't go too far in the past.

Punk, your sexy hot chick might be a malware, not a Skype issue. Or you're just a really lucky man. Either way, try a full scan with a proper software.

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I have malware/spyware and any fuckware app that works like a charm. Couldn't be that. Anyways, she's blocked now, fucking bitch.

But thanks for the tip on older versions... smile

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If everything wasn't verified to be up to date both before and after this started, I'd go for that, I even tried removing it and reinstalling it, now my computer's like "no", hmm

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Kick it!!! lol


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I won't download anything that gets flagged, regardless of how trusted the original source is. That's why my previously PC is riddle with a whorehouse of malware and this one has almost none.

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Rewatched that:

Serial_Experiments_Lain_01.DVD-196,7 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_02.DVD-196,6 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_03.DVD-197 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_04.DVD-197,4 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_05.DVD-231,5 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_06.DVD-231,2 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_07.DVD-231,5 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_08.DVD-231,3 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_09.DVD-231,3 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_10.DVD-231,2 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_11.DVD-231,6 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_12.DVD-231,5 MB-Video file
Serial_Experiments_Lain_13.DVD-229,1 MB-Video file



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Hey Punk, maybe you or Alucard can help me out with this. In the early 2000s I got this poster spread from a magazine. I don't remember the name of the mag but, I remember the poster clearly. The area was destroyed and there was a chick in a school uniform kneeling. She had some sort of huge gun or weapon attached to her arm and was really injured/beat up looking. I believe she had wings and they might have been mechanical.

I would love to get that poster again and watch the anime.

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Urgh, that's a hard one as it can be a bunch of them, there so many. But first thing that comes up to mind without  research is Gunslinger Girl... School Uniform chick with guns...

http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclo … hp?id=2947


But I'll keep looking and searching...

Oh and if you guys wanna have a good time, here's Vampire Hunter D full on You Tube. BADASS!!! http://youtu.be/bezGaVCThM0

Me I'm gonna watch APPLEfuckingSEED baby!!! ^_^



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What color was the uniform? Was it a blazer or sailor outfit? What did the girl herself look like?

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I don't think it's Gunslinger Girl, I've seen a few eps. The weapon was much larger than a normal gun.

I can't recall the color of the uniform, it wasn't a sailor uniform. The girl was pretty small and thin with medium to long hair length. The image as a whole was a bit desaturated looking.

Because it was from a magazine it was probably a promotional image. I'm going to search though anime released from 2002-2005. I've searched all the keyword tirelessly with no results.

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What hair color does she have??? Because in Hellsing, the blond girl as got a long sniper gun and is pretty Bloody too.


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I can't recall her hair color. It wasn't that character though, her weapon was more sci-fi looking and bulky. It could've been a different character in Helsing, I'll have to look more into it to be sure.

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Police Girl is hawt, and Bob's Burgers is hilarious, smile

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Better to be a few to search anyways, more heads are better than one. H3LL I've searched for Serial Experiments Lain for years online, only could find the first 5 episodes when there's 13 total but I FINALLY found them 2 years ago. Was about damn time, think I've searched 10 damn long years. Lucky I'm always patient and hopeful... lol

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JELLYFISH EYES by Takashi Murakami looks AMAZING. That'll be an extremely cool one I think.

http://www.firstshowing.net/2014/first- … fish-eyes/

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I was expecting a realistic looking jellyfish thing, I was a little disappointed by that.
Overall it looks pretty cool though, except for that cutesy jellyfish.

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That Blonde fighting girl reminds me a bit of the chick in Sudeki... ^_^