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wH3LLcome to the place I call Home Sweet Evil Home.

Don't mind my Demons all over, I'm their master and do no harm. Just to the SPAMMERS.

Impressive and cool list you got there. Take all your time to get used to the place, you CANNOT hate it, it's the best site of all Cyberspace right here. big_smile



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Cheers bruv


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Welcome Spud.  I am the resident monkey; have a complimentary banana.  big_smile
Don't mind Punk, he's mostly harmless, with an aftertaste of spring mint.


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Cheers mate ill take that banana and raise you a........
Whats ya favourite villian in a horror movie???


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I'm going to put down The Thing fro The Thing (Carpenter) because you never who may have been 'infected.'  The blood test scene was serious drama when you're 12 years old.


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It's serious drama now!

Welcome, Spud.


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Hi all,

  Dropping in to introduce myself: Ken Cosentino. I am a writer/director, sometimes an actor.

Done some work for the Asylum and Troma. Getting ready to direct my next feature, Camp of the Damned, starring Bill Oberst, Jr.

Think John Carpenter's "The Thing" at a summer camp.

For anyone interested, here is the fb page: www.facebook.com/evilcampmovie


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Very cool! Welcome to the fold, Ken.


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Once more welcome sir and yes indeed, that Funny or Die one is far better. Sweet stuff. And woo that's cool for Nuke 'em, always been a huge fan of this one. You've got great friends. big_smile