Re: New Friday The 13th film

Toadliquor wrote:

Compared to parts 7, 8 and 9 I liked the F13th remake. I really liked how it has elements and gives tribute to the original first 4 Friday movies. I was super relieved they didn't cast "dummy" as Jason. And killing off the obvious survivor girl was pretty original. I didn't see that coming at all.

There were some serious problems though, here they are:

1) Jason being a kidnapper: Jason held a girl hostage for 4 weeks? Are we supposed to believe that Jason, fed this chick, went every day to get her water, emptied out buckets of her shit and piss, and kept this girl alive for that long? Why??? For what reason? Jason doesn't do that! Jason's whole MO is, if you fuck around Camp Crystal Lake, you get butchered. No exceptions. People could say that Amy Steel tricked him temporarily in Part 2 by throwing on his mom's moldy sweater, but as soon as Jason saw his moms head, he went after her. Jason had his moms head on display in the remake so he knew it wasn't her. There's no reason for her to have been alive.

You forget to add... is Jason suddenly a fukkin electrician capable of wiring up and lighting an entire cave? Did he go to night school for that?