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Found footage , monumentality,  its all the same

Was not bad at all,  I need give another,  was really sure what the hell was going on!

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hahaha Agree Bassi.

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Apocalyptic looks AMAZING!!!


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Just joined and this is my first post (couldn't find an introductions board - apologies if it's really obvious and I've missed it). I'm a Brit and a huge horror fan including 'found footage', so long as it's done well - or at least entertainingly!

Oh, pretty obviously I think John carpenter's The Fog (1980) is the greatest horror film ever made!

To list some of my favourite FF movies (in no particular order),

Black Water Vampire
Banshee Chapter
Ghost Watch
The Fourth Kind
Gacy House
Death of a Ghost Hunter

I can take or leave the Paranormal Activity films (only seen 1-4) although I did like PA3. Loved the 'fan cam'!

I'd be very grateful for any FF recommendations you guys can give.


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There is a FF thread somewhere that is about 10 pages long.

I'm going to have to refer that thread finding action to someone else, 'cause I'm kinda busy.

YO FOLKS- FIND THE FOUND FOOTAGE thread, or deal with the monkey punch.

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I'm not aware of that Thread Az.  This Thread is where most the discussion takes place.

Welcome Father Malone!  Found Footage is my favorite sub genre as well.  Read through this Thread and you'll find some great ones.

You listed some good ones.  I haven't seen Skew, and been wanting to see Black Water vampure for a while now.  Think I will need to.

I'm aware of Ghost Watch but haven't seen it.  Man it must of been pretty cool to of seen that back in the day, when all this stuff was so new.

Ok, since you asked...here are some I think you need to see, and I realize you may have seen them, but I'm throwing them out there.

Cannibal Holocaust.  I, and many others here, do not consider it a FF movie as the actual FF is too small a portion of the movie.  However, it is still credited with some as being the first FF movie, so if nothing else see it for that reason.  Plus you have Fourth Kind on your list, and people have the same complaint of that movie (I love that movie).

Then, you have to see The Last Broadcast, which is generally accepted as the first FF movie, and many think inspired Blair Witch.  as a fan of the genre, that is a must see.

St. Francisville Experiment is a must see.  This is interesting because it was made before Blair Witch ut released after, and there have been some people that suggest Blair Witch "borrowed" from St. Francisville Experiment, but given Blair Witch came out first it looks like it don't happen.  I don't know, or care, either way, but again, I think its a must see. 

Ok, now that we've paid homage to the groundbreakers of the genre...

See Grave Encounters.  Great movie.  You left off Blair Witch.  I imagine you've seen it.  By chance you haven't, IMHO by far the best FF movie there is.  I know it has its haters.

Zero Day is not a Horror FF, but it is an amazing FF movie, and is so realistic and believable, I put it close to Blair Witch in that aspect.

Many more, but that's what I got for now.  Now, if you asked me which ones I found horrible, we'd be here all night.  I find that this genre in particular, you need to see at least five bad before you find a good or really good, but when you get that good one it can be amazing.

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Thanks Ghostseeker!

I was lucky enough to see Ghost Watch when it was first broadcast Halloween 1992, and remember all the controversy over the weeks that followed. I hoped each year that they'd repeat it, before realising that they never would. I managed to pick up the region 0 DVD a couple of years back.

I really liked The Last Broadcast right up until that switch from 1st person PoV to 3rd person, which took me right out of it. Shame.

St. Francisville Experiment sounds interesting. I'll keep a look out for it. A few people have recommended The Borderlands - have you any thoughts on that?

I will as you suggest scour this thread for further recs! Thanks again! smile

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kXnPunk wrote:

And I freaking LOOOVE Black Water Vampire.

Ditto. One of my very favourites. Thought the vampire looked really cool (and bore a strong resemblance to the creatures in The Descent ~ 2005 ~ maybe they're cousins or something!).

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I fixed my other post, had got cut off in the middle.  I have some more recommendations in there.

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Father Malone wrote:

I really liked The Last Broadcast right up until that switch from 1st person PoV to 3rd person, which took me right out of it. Shame.

I know!  I mean, it was like 30 seconds to a minute.  Why even do that!!??!!??  It was a 100% FF till that point.

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Ghostseeker wrote:

I fixed my other post, had got cut off in the middle.  I have some more recommendations in there.


I quite enjoyed Grave Encounters (I couldn't stop thinking of Zak Bagans!) - haven't seen the sequel though.

Afraid Blair Witch is one that I'm not a fan of. I saw it in the cinema when it came out and was so looking forward to it after the marketing build-up, and then it just kinda fell flat. I thought it was well-made and a cool story, but the things that ruined it for me were 1. the three leads, who whilst I thought were believable were also (for me) incredibly unlikeable, which meant I didn't care what happened to them, and 2. I just didn't find it at all scary. I'm all for supernatural/psychological horror, but this didn't do it for me. Shame, as I wanted to like it. I actually preferred the sequel.

Zero Day - isn't that the Columbine-type thing? I've heard good things about that.

Thanks - plenty for me to think about there!

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Scavenger of Human Sorrow wrote:

Late to the party here, but I thought The Fourth Kind was awesome. It did seem really real (to me), and that was one of the best parts. Of course there was a jump scare every now and then, but overall I liked it.

Hi. TFK is actually one of my favourites. Can't understand why it gets so much hate in some circles hmm

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Yeah 4th Kind is amazing. Creepy as mad. And how the H3LL can anyone hate Milla is beyond me... FOOLS!!! lol

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Yes, she does tend to lend a certain 'something' to any film she's in! She fills out her roles well big_smile

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Indeed. another cool one put down is ULTRAVIOLET. I taught she was amazing and seeing her butt naked in the scanner thing was REALLY COOL! big_smile

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August Underground is a pretty gruesome FF trilogy. Done by Fred Vogel, the same guy who did Redsin Tower, Sella Turcica, and Murder Collection V.1  big_smile

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KatSkratch wrote:

August Underground is a pretty gruesome FF trilogy

Yes, I've heard that! big_smile


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I really want to watch some Toe Tag flicks, not easy to track down some of them without paying through the nose.

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Oh forgot about August Underground need to grab it now. Kickass come here...



Thank you. big_smile


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I really want to see Sella Turcica (with Camilla Keaton from the original I Spit On Your Grave) and Red Sin Tower, but Red Sin Tower goes for 50-60 minimum, which is bogus.


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DAMN That's too short... Ah well guess better than adding crap to make it longer. Or not.


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I really liked chasing the devil , that was one of the better ones