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^ Yeah, a manned mission to Mars is certainly possible for the near future. Personally, I'd like to see astronauts land on Mars and do a number of experiments concerning the possibility of setting up a post-terrestrial habitat with the finite resources available. It's kind of an extra-planetary-survival experiment to give us better ideas as to the bigger steps our species may one day have to take when colonizing other planets.

Extra-planetary colonization/migration, I think, will one day be very important for the survival of the human species. It seems a bit "far out" to us right now, but as time goes on, the biosphere will definitely continue to change in accordance to our presence and, more importantly, to our population expansion.

And yes, I agree. The hole in Siberia is definitely Gaia's own asshole.
In fact, it's been revealed that SHe has, in fact, two assholes!
Now that's efficiency.


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Yeah indeed isn't it Sagan that said that extra-planetary exploration was the only way Humans could survive??? Think so yeah.

And hahaha efficient indeed. lol


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Do we really use only 10% of our brain like they say in Scarlett's Lucy???

Well... … -myth.html

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I'm pretty sure Sagan said something of that sort, too. I can't remember where that was said/written, though. I did a Google search, and didn't come up with the answer right away, but incidentally found this:

Inner Space And Outer Space: Carl Sagan's Letters to Timothy Leary … eary-1974/

That's pretty awesome!

Also, that 10% myth is damned annoying! The film sounds entertaining, but I wish they'd get their science straight, damn it.


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IT'S A MOVIE!!! tongue
Hahaha But that's the film I'm the most waiting to see this year. I'm a HUGE Scarlett addict so. smile

And very cool link that is my good Sir.