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Just joined and this is my first post (couldn't find an introductions board - apologies if it's really obvious and I've missed it). I'm a Brit and a huge horror fan including 'found footage', so long as it's done well - or at least entertainingly!

I've joined recently as well and couldn't find an introduction board either. I visit this site regularly just to read the news and see if i can find a movie by reading this thread and others.
I found out about Willow Creek and also encouraged me to watch the other two REC movies. For some reason i dig Spanish movies in general lol and I'm Canadian.

I liked all those you've listed, but i haven't seen Death of a Ghost Hunter, i'm going to check that out later. I don't think i know anymore than the people above about more Found footage movies that hasn't be listed but I liked Devils Pass.

Also shoutout to everyone thanks for the lists of movies , i could never find these movies by my self!

Edit: Also Found Footage is one of my favorite sub-genres as well

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Hey fellow Canadian. I'm in Quebec.  Introduction thread is right here: … 38#p724738

One I watched recently and that I found absolutely KICK ASS is The Frankenstein Theory [2013]

Fun one check it out. smile

AND ENJOY OUR SPOT on Cyberspace.

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Finally saw Blackwater Vampire.  Was pretty good.  Thought the vamp was pretty cool and freaky looking.  Overall, it was entertaining and well done.

The negatives - I'm just going to write it even though I hate to cuz its so obvious...clearly they were influenced by Blair Witch.  Not that that's a bad thing, just the similarities they strived for were so pronounced it got awkward at times watching it. 

That's not even my complaint...the "Town people" were nothing like Blair Witch.  They were fake, and somehow they all showed up at the end?  Like, they didn't manage to not talk to one person that didn't show up, and everyone of the people they talked to did?  Ok, small Town, I get it. Blair Witch was set apart for many reasons, but not the least of which was, the Town people were so freaking real and believable it gave many people that doubt, that doubt in their mind that this could be real.

I'm not trying to draw the comparison between this movie and Blair Witch, but they already did.

Again, good movie.  Thought Tony was fairly believable.  When chicky shows up towards the end and tells them they will die, Tony looks to the sky and yell "F*ck" in beweildermeant and walks away.  Very funny and realistic.

I liked it.  smile

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Totally agree with you. That yell was kick ass. And I loved it too. big_smile

Now see Frankenstein Theory NOW!!! lol


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I didn't like Blackwater Vampire at all,  all most put off found footage movies.

But I loved Chasing the Devil,one of the better Found footage , there is some weak acting from the lead.