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Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Brittle, by me

The slightest of breeze
The lightest of touch
Signals splinters of pain to my core
Every nerve lights afire
Every cell burns white hot
And I beg to my God, "Please, no more"

But the worst feeling still
Worse than pain's flaying caress
Is the guilt and deep sorrow I endure
When my love reaches out
And dreading pain, I retract
For she thinks I'm disgusted by her

I have tried to explain
But she can't comprehend
When I say it's not her I abhor
But the faintest contact
Even light as a whisper
Leaves me in a heap on the floor

Now I watch through the window
Cursing God, cursing fate
As my love leaves our life at the door
My eyes squint as she grows smaller
Ever, ever growing smaller
The further she treads down the shore

Though she's gone, I still feel her
A framed photo, her smiling
Reminding me of the love that I lost
In my chamber, my pistol beckons
Ugly, oily and lethal
Sweet release now the thing I crave most

But my curse is my curse
And I can't grip the trigger
For the pressure will shatter my fingers
I am damned to this life
Twice the pain, twice the sorrow
Both in body and from her scent which still lingers...

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Woah. Speechless I am. Very enjoyable reading that was.

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Thanks, man.  The idea hit me about a half hour ago.  Typed it out in twenty minutes and voila, instant masterpiece.

Pffft!  I almost didn't make it through typing "masterpiece" without breaking out in laughter. lol

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MWAHAHAHA I sure understand why!!! lol

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Some really good lines/images in that one, Lon.
Sad, but, nicely composed.

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Thanks.  I've not been much for poetry in my adult life (though I used to write a lot in my teens) but every now and then one comes to me that I feel is worth writing down.  It's not perfect -- I could work on it a bit, maybe smooth out the cadence -- but I figure, enh, it's good enough as is.

Incidentally, almost every poem I've ever written has been sad or morose.  I leave the happy pappy stuff to Hallmark. lol

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)


is the tears that stream from the human eye
and down the sunken, circus horse's face.
What have I, this wandering vagabond of fate's compromise,
done to deserve such gifts of admiration?
What love have I shared with the people held most dear,
to deserve such acknowledgement, and attention?
is in the human essence which reveals its alchemical secret,
opening up like a bursting spring at last, letting in the light
that was withheld from the world for so long.
is the cosmic retreat of the hubris Ego
and repentance for the gross maltreats
done to our benevolent creatures of the flesh.
is in the Earth ground roots that soak
in the grounding perspective of the soul's capacity
for all that is righteous and virtuous.
Is giving back the love to the air above,
so that one may continue to live,
in truth, wisdom and decency.
Humility is thus,
out of mindful contemplation,
a spiritual redemption.

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For Our Muse

a wholesome light bulb flashing
with deep belly rumbles off in the distance
creating ripples in the soul
reflecting cave ceiling daggers
and echoing estranged sounds
of half-buried creatures, subterranean dwellers,
dungeon swamp maids and bog dealers
bubbling up in time, in intuition,
in unconscious mystery,
in sub-atomic quantum feedback loop.

There we begin & grab the pen,
the ink, and the paper.
Looking above Earth, above star systems
and above galaxies; dwarfing the Universe
into the artist's conception.

It is with ease that we make our demands
carried out in the swiftest of movements.
We make our strides, confident and open,
awake and watchful with our Earth Spirit,
our Eagle Eyes, our Lone Rider, our Cloud Drifter.

Thus bringing forth in our fists a cold
and calculated structure
that tends to its fertile garden, to its purpose of being
surrounded by enveloping country sides,
emerging stories and star mythologies,
in surfacing worlds upon worlds like bubbles in a stream
all to be composed admirably,
in melodious, symphonic beauty.

Completely free,
the unbridled horse makes his way
with the wind in its mane,
out of town, and into the desert.
But these seeds of yesterday, of last week,
of last month, year, century, or mellenia?
They become mothers, and alive in fullest splendor
to bring forth their entities which grow and expand,
only seeking to touch the sky unhindered!
Full rose red without a single blush upon the cheek,
they roar with the mighty law that they be shown,
and read,
and loved.

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Reading this I felt like I was listening to Classical music which was very cool. Thanks bro. smile

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That is excellent to hear. I'm glad you enjoyed it, as that's the bottom line, which I hope anyone who reads my stuff can do. smile

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How's your book coming??? The illustrations I saw were absolutely BADASS!!! big_smile

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Thanks, man!
It's still coming along fairly well. I've got a little over fifty pages written (typed). The formatting of the text may end up making it quite a bit longer. That's one of the big things I'm fixing right now...just the format of the text itself. I'm trying to make it as readable of a poetry book as possible.
Now I gotta motivate my illustrator to drum up some more pictures for me...

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Very freaking cool as mad my good Sir. Thumbs up.

But yeah the formating is a pain. Although I fixed this easi;y, I lay it in QuarkXPress, an app we use for Newspapers and magazines mounting and I have a bunch of pre-definited styles, typography and all so it goes faster this way. smile

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My parody of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons called "Really Bad Acne".

Whoa, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh

I'm waking up to zits with pus
My face is covered with so much
I'm popping a big pimple now *SPLAT*

I'm using lotion, Proactive plus, I’m rubbing ice on my face til it’s gone numb
Nothing works, my face is full of zits

I'm in disgust, I see them on my face
I look like an alien from another race
Too much zits on my face, too much zits on my face
Too much zits on my face, too much zits on my face
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, I've got really bad acne, really bad acne
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, I've got really bad acne, really bad acne

People look at me in utter disgust
Nothing seems to work and it’s driving me nuts
This is it, a face full of zits

I’ve used everything, and I just give up, I’ve used everything from egg yolks to mud
Why must I, look like this

I'm wearing bags to cover up my face
But this acne just can’t go away
Why can’t I get a date, just can’t get a date
Why can’t I get a date, just can’t get a date
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, I'm covered in acne, covered in acne
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, I'm covered in acne, covered in acne

I sat in the sun, my face is fried
Thought that would work, now it hurts when I cry

I'm giving up, my face looks like pizza pie
Oh how much I hate being a guy
Puberty sucks at this age, sucks at this age
These zits just won’t go away, won’t go away
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, I’ve got really bad acne, really bad acne
ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, I’ve got really bad acne, really bad acne

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Awesome!!! lol

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My parody of Royals by Lorde called "Godzilla".

I've never seen a beast with rock hard flesh
He's always rampaging and attacking cities
And he always causes a great big mess
By tearing up towns, and killing millions

And he's fought monsters, aliens, three headed lazer eyed dragons,
Parastic creatures from another dimenson
But I don't care, these monsters lose everytime Godzilla appears

And they call him Gojira (jira)
When he shows up everyone runs
Destroying cities 1 by 1
You can't kill him with your nuclear bombs
He's the King of Monsters (Monsters)
I hope he doesn't eat me
And he'll go back to sleep, back to sleep, back to sleep, back to sleep.
To him his home down undersea.

I've seen all the buildings he has blown
He can't be stopped by the US Army
And everyone knows, that you can't kill it
All your weapons do nothing.

And they've used everything from tanks, bazookas, grenades, and machine guns,
rifles, handguns,  and countless other explosives
He just can't die, no matter how many weapons we try
The King of Monsters just won't die

And you'll never kill Godzilla (zilla)
A force of nature that can't be stopped
His skin is as hard as rocks
He's a beast that can't be fought
Godzilla fights other monsters (monsters)
From garogyles to giant bees
And somebody he'll rule, he'll rule, he'll rule, he'll rule
As the Savior of our City

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Hahaha Very cool one buddy. big_smile

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Because of my love for Godzilla I've also made a parody of "Let It Go" from Frozen called "Let It Go(jira)". I love writng parodies.

His scales glow brighter than a lighthouse at night
His footprints too big to be seen
They call him King of Monsters
But whenever he shows up people scream

Whenever he shows up  a swirling storm arrives
You just can't kill him no matter how much you try

The military just can't win, can't kill this beast
For the Big G wants some humans to feast
Burnt scales, his meal, is now Tokyo
Run, he's gonna blow!

There's no hope, there's no hope
Causing destruction as he roars
There's no hope, there's no hope
Run away from the horror

I'm so scared
Of his atomic breath ray
And all this mass destruction
I wish he would stop attacking my city!

He's shown no resistance
Us humans are so small
His foot stomped on the street
Like a massive wrecking ball

It's useless if you try to shoot
There's nothing his breaks through
At night, he's gone, in the ocean to sleep

Let him go, let him go,
It's obvious he can't die
Let him go, let him go
Don't make him fight

There he stands
Attacking Bombay
You can't hill him with bombs

As soon as his foot stomps into the ground
His roar is so loud it's the scariest sound
And his atomic breath can kill you in one blast
I'm running really fast
Because if I don't I'll go kersplat

He walks slow, he walks slow
And he'll destroy til the break of dawn
He walks slow, he walks slow
All hope is gone

You can't win
You better run away
As Godzilla rages on
He'll never go away!

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That song is such an amazingly great one. And yes, looks like you enjoy doing that a lot and it's cool. smile

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Boornadug naft glob nud tormik seyac poolmaj kol uriknol chernutilba flicoless wopadognakish...


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Drawing You A Picture of Nothing

Within and without
this framed and frameless canvas of paradox
exists only the fragile, crumbling mind
that forever strives and grapples with its inner-visibly,
invisible subjects.

Our ideas are left sad,
barely comprehended!
We struggle with them like slippery, wet fish
eternally escaping friction-less hands.

Do you know,
in your own neo-cortical head of hearts,
that soaring conundrum of mental deficiency
which gradually evolved over millions of years
so that we may for but one moment or two
become so spiritually stupid,
that we actually smile that wide, wise
and guilty anthro-cat smile?

Beyond our common Earth-tides,
Outside the fairy tale rules
and the ego-rugged social lines we govern,
Far, far above our own psychological depths,
looked down upon like deserted martian caverns,
as primitive computations of neuron density
there lies all the funny pictures we draw in our heads:
Haphazard red tornado scribbles, dastardly drawn out of the lines,
like a child's tactile experiment, complete in half-conscious drool-dazed-smile.

I tell you, my lonely attic cast-away friends,
that out of all the pictures to have ever been drawn,
there exists no picture in the universe
quite like a picture of nothing.

A picture of nothing is so immaculate,
so whole and untouchable
that it is in fact,
completely picture-less.

It cannot be drawn, even by the most gifted
of terrestrial, human artists.
It cannot be composed atom-by-atom, even by the most skilled
of extraterrestrial, intelligent material-manufacturalists.

To even imagine "no thing"
in its truest formless of form
in its most accurately non-existent state,
requires a glorious, full and unhindered
lack of imagination.

Thought itself
and despoils it.

Here the mind slips on its edge.
No place to grab, no where to hold!
The futile ghost of intangible emptiness
The darkest room of your childhood nightmare
the blackest of voids, the deepest and most dense of black holes
the most silent, censorial-deprived concrete darkness imaginable
does not nearly come close to illustrating this wholly unreal reality
of man's confused sunspot existence.
The whole damned thing is mentally
out of our minds!

fellow creatures of flightful exasperation,
to be sure,
is not merely just a simple case of
"this pipe is not the pipe".

But let not this parade of universal handicap
halt or slow your human, artistic progress.
By all means, keep drawing only your very best!
Gifted as you are with the linguistically-rendered,
inarticulate pen that serves as the very point
of all WOman's mind.

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Woah another cool one my man.

Slippery And Wet??? Bon Jovi reference??? Mwahahaha lol

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^ Thank ye, Sir Punk.

As for Bon Jovi, excuse me for a second while I force my finger down my throat to get rid of the awful taste that his name has in my mouth. Or perhaps that's a bit much.
Meh, Bon Jovi... lol

I must be short on sleep.

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ROTFLMFAO!!! Couldn't help it man. lol