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Well have a great THORsday peeps. Enjoy it and have bunch of damn good fun. smile



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Today will suck, guaranteed.


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Well suck it up. lol

Grocery = done. Also went to have breakfast at Mike's with mom. YUMMY. smile

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Yes!!! lol

INSANE thunder bangs woke me up. And lemme tell you been a long time I haven't heard it that LOUD!!! Ah well, an hour before my usual wake up at 4 but I don't care much.

Oh and this bastard Sweet flew away when I got back from the grocery store. Couldn't catch her, hands full of bags so. You can be sure when she comes back I'll tie her up with a hangman knot on the telephone wire which she freaks about. Been a while she didn't do that. Guess she forgot last time I tied her.

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R.I.P. the godfather of Make Up, Dick Smith. So long sir and thanks for your fantastic work.

http://www.horrorsociety.com/2014/07/31 … h-dies-92/


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Oh, no!  Wow.  Dick Smith, man.  The Godfather of Make-Up is right, that guy's possibly the greatest make-up artist to have ever lived.  His contributions to the field have been immeasurable and invaluable, and his generosity and willingness to share tips and secrets with up-and-comers garnered him a huge amount of esteem among other make-up professionals.

Just look at some of the stuff he's worked on:

The Exorcist
Little Big Man
Ghost Story
House on Haunted Hill '99
Death Becomes Her
Monster (TV series)
Requiem for a Heavyweight
The Godfather and The Godfather Part II
The Sentinel (a personal favorite)
The Hunger
Altered States

And that's just a few off the top of my head.  The man was a legend in every sense of the word.  We lost a good one today, folks.  In fact this news deserves its own thread, if you ask me.  I'll go take care of that now.

Rest in peace, Mr. Smith.


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Yeah he was so freaking awesome. And sure, go for it. Wasn't sure but he truely deserves his own thread...


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Well today didn't suck, guess I shouldn't guarantee things.

Sucks to hear that Dick Smith kicked the bucket. Rest in peace!

Hope Sweet makes her way back soon.


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Well fuck her, rains likes mad now that'll teach her. lol


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Tomorrow is Vamps b-day.  I have a nice set of surprises for her set up; I just hope they work out.

(And yes, I'll let y'all know how it works out.)


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Right on.  Happy B-day to the Monkey Queen. smile


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Ohhhhhhhh!!! Happy BDay to your lucky girl. Lucky to be a Vamp. NOT to be with you Monkey man. lol


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kXnPunk wrote:

Well fuck her, rains likes mad now that'll teach her. lol

Well, she's back. And so was her dude. BIG HUGE yellow guy.


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Damn this dude is seriously BADASS!!! big_smile