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I had a few issues with Guardians (such as inconsistency in certain characters' power levels, the implausible romantic connection between Peter Quill and Gamora, and a couple story holes) but but not enough to prevent me from finding it entertaining.  Which it is, so long as you don't look too closely at it.

And in case anyone's thinking "Oh, that Lon, nothing ever satisfies him," keep in mind that as encyclopedic as I am when it comes to movies, I've even more encyclopedic when it comes to comic books (and music, but that's not what this discussion is about lol ).  I've got over thirty years of comics reading (not to mention writing and drawing my own), I can quote entire entries from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition and DC's "Who's Who?", can tell you exactly what incident happened in which issue of which title and can pinppoint incidents in no less than four other comic companies' canons.  So you can expect me to be VERY analytical of super hero movies, and when they get something wrong, me being the snobby prick that I am, you can count on me saying something about it. lol

Incidentally, this wasn't a brag.  I literally have so empty a life that I have time to sit and obsess over such trivial details as these. lol

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I totally agree from start to finish I really enjoyed the guardians of the galaxy movie. The Avengers was a good movie but it had its moments when was like yawn. For a movie that wasn't always trying to take itself serious it had its serious "ahh" moments.

Xmen keep trying to do that along with spiderman movies.  What the hell you're not going to get an Oscar get over it.

Damn it LoudLon. ...........Nah just kidding

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I agree with the Spider-Man flicks, though.  After Part 2 (miles better than part 1, IMO) they took a dive and have only gotten worse since. 

Spider-Man 3 had too many villains, not enough story.  And while the "Emo Peter" montage was funny, it served no purpose in the movie.  Add on top of that Harry's "tacked on for shock value" death and the giant Sand Man monster and this movie was a miss from start to finish.  Best thing about it:  Thomas Haden Church, turning in a better performance than the movie deserved.

The Amazing Spider-Man: They got Spider-Man right in regards to his agility, movements and physicality, but that wasn't Peter Parker.  Pete's a nerd, not a rebel; a social outcast, not a charming rogue; a smart-aleck as Spider-Man, not an asshole.  And why change his origin?  Not to mention the silliness of having The Lizard plot to turn all of New York into mutant reptiles.  They got one thing right in this movie (see the first sentence in this paragraph again) but fucked up everything else.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Imagine Jerry Bruckheimer making a Spider-Man flick.  Now, imagine it being even worse than you just imagined.  This movie was terrible.  From its poor treatment of its villains (all classic Spider-Man foes done absolutely no justice whatsoever in the movie) and wow, wow WOW, how AWFULLY they covered you-know-who's death.  In the comics it was one of the biggest, most defining moments in Peter Parker's life.  In the movie it's "Well, that sucked.  Moving on..."

Unless they get an entirely new creative team behind it, at this rate the next Spider-Man movie has as much a chance of being actually good as Azzie does of magically transforming into a real, poop-throwing monkey.

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So far I'm a fan of the Marvel movies for the most part so I hope the spiderman movies start to bomb hoping it will lead to Marvel getting the movie rights back. Might happen with the fantastic four or the fantastic babies.

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That would be awesome, if they'd revert back to Marvel.  But with Fox's upcoming reboot of the FF franchise (which with every piece of news seems more and more reason to murder everyone involved with it), a sequel to DoFP already in the works, as well as another ASM sequel in the planning stages at Sony, it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon.

The only way these characters will revert back to Marvel is if Fox and Sony stop making a profit on them and they sell or relinquish the rights back.  But if that day ever comes, it'll be after they've milked every penny out of fans' pockets and wrecked the characters and movies to the point where no one would waste their time on another even if you put a gun to their head. hmm

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I think they may sell the rights back to the fantastic four. This is the second time fox is rebooting the movie and from all the stories I'm hearing it's going to bomb. I can't believe they came close to casting a female Dr Doom. This movie was suppose to come o it earlier but they had to go back and rewrite the story. The cast sucks bad their to young.

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The guy who directed Chronicle has been signed to direct, so chances are it's actually going to see the light of day.

It's going to suck soooooo bad...

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My feelings about the last two Spider-Man films are generally the opposite to what the majority of people think I have found out. I really like the original The Amazing Spider-Man, I think it was the best Spider-Man film since the second.  Which isn't a popular opinion, and I went to see its sequel in IMAX with a bunch of friends who knew my opinion about the original and once the sequel was over, one of my friends turned directly to me and said:

"So what do you think? It was an even better than the last one!"

And I thought (and still to this day think) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of the worst, if not the worst Spider-Man film. Like I honestly hated it, and I had such high hopes too cause I loved the original. Everything about the sequel sucked, apart from the scene at the very end which any fan of the comics knew what happened to a certain character (Lon knows what I'm talking about I'd say). I just hated it. I remember I gave it a D- on my ratings, and the original I'd give like a B+. It was such a let down.

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I found some pretty cool trade paperbacks while I was at Chicago comic con last weekend. Here's the ones I got:

Spawn: The Dark Ages (Image)
Spawn Origins: Volume 20 (Image)
Spawn: Shadows of Spawn (volumes 1, 2, and 3)
Road to Oz (Marvel)
Harley Quinn: Preludes to Knock-Knock Jokes (DC)
Harley Quinn: Night and Day (DC)
Tales From Oz (Zenescope)
Oz (Zenescope)
Sleepy Hollow (Zenescope)
The Piper (Zenescope)
The Theater (Zenescope)