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^ I actually thought The Mighty Peking Man was a camp-tacular blast! I thought it was very goofy, but in a delightful sense. Tarantino re-released the film back in '99 as part of his short-lived movie distribution company, "Rolling Thunder Pictures". So I wouldn't think that he'd dis a film that belonged to only a handful of movies he worked hard to re-release and revive for his audiences. hmm  Roger Ebert actually gave it four stars out of five, which is pretty badass (IMO)!

Mighty Peking Man was made for the Hong Kong audience, in order to capitalize on the success of 1976's King Kong. Much like Fulci's Zombi 2 was (sort of) a capitalization on 78's Dawn of the Dead. So I wouldn't think it completely unnecessary, though perhaps not as well-done as 76's King Kong (which I haven't seen yet!).

Note that my disagreements are obviously of the civil nature. "To each their own" as the maxim goes. smile

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

I watched As Above, So Below on Sunday. It's definitely a flawed film, but maybe because of Scav's scathing review I had low expectations and enjoyed it. The problem with it is pacing and direction. It's a dark and creepy film, but not exactly modern horror, at least not til the final 1/4 of the film when, like Scav said, it just becomes jump scare after jump scare. It's a rather slow beginning with a lot of history lesson-type dialogue, but I found the subject matter rather compelling. The characters are entertaining enough. Sure the main character likes to get herself into risky situations, that's established at the beginning (what she did then was truly stupid, the rest seemed at worst a bit reckless). Benji is a hilarious character, though probably unintentionally, you basically just watch the flick waiting for him to get f-ed up.

One question though, why would a poem/incantation/message written in aramaic, many years before english's inception as a language, rhyme when translated into english? And why does it have the Green Lantern oath in it lol

Scav, I remember you mentioned the intro had nothing to do with rest of the film. How so? It seemed to make sense to me. Not a jab, just curious.

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Ragnbone wrote:

I've seen 3 of his so far.  I'll check out some more down the road.  They are unlike any genre movie I've ever seen.  Sexy and dark, that's for sure.  I thought they'd be more like Hammer flicks.  You know, show some lesbian vampires getting it on, but no.  Like the ending of LDG, incredible depth & emotion.  Heart wrenching.

Yeah I love his style. I think my faves from what I have seen would be Night of the Hunted or The Iron Rose. Both are beautiful films, I found NotH to be an exceptionally moving film, especially the end.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

I'm still probably gonna go see As Above, So Below. Purely because I love seeing horror movies on the big screen with my friends. If it turns out to be a dud I'm sure there'll still be some fun.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

^That's how I see it. Always loving watching horror flicks with friends, in theatre or at home.

It was worth the $10.

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Seven Blood Stained Orchids. Decent giallo but never reaches the heights of masterpieces such as Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh. 7/10.

Watched Richard Franklin's Link (1986). Pretty terrible. Expected more after watching his impressive Road Games (1981).  3/10.

Also watch The Day The Earth Stood Still, ashamed to say i never watche dit in full before. Lived up perfectly to its status as a sci fi classic. 10/10.

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The intro only made sense for the reason that rather kick started her search, yes? That's why we are thrown there out of nowhere at the beginning. But like, we don't get any real lead up or proper reasoning to be there apart from the one thing which I won't spoil.

It's like the director had written and shot the entire film, and put it together and watched it over and said:

"Wait a second...something is missing...oh yeah, what kick starts this whole thing anyway?"

Some other guy: "Oh what about (fill in here what happens)!"

It is soooooo out of the ordinary and hardly adds up to what happens in the rest of the film for me personally.

My main problem though is with the final section of the film, that is utterly terrible.


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I love the idea of the ending, but it comes across as slapshod, like they decided at the end they needed to make the film more of a horror flick and *Spoiler * threw a bunch of CHUDs and shock scares at us. I did like the flip into hell though. As for the intro I thought it was a good set up to introduce the main character and her obsessive personality, as well as the codex she discovered being crucial to developing the plot.*spoiler*

It seems to me like the director/writer had a theme and story that he wanted to film, but couldn't quite figure out how to flesh it out for a feature length film.

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I really want to dig into spoiler territory here for a second, so everything below this, people you were warned:


I just found the last act of the movie so incredibly stupid. Did you? Like, I love the plot and the set up in the first act, that was why I was so excited. But like when they went into "hell" at the end and that gave them the reason to do literally anything they wanted, it got so stupid. "Death" with the hood up, moving statues, hands coming from blood, then not to mention the main girl (can't remember her name) gets stupid 'powers' near the end. Benji's death was awful too. It made no sense, but of course! Since they are in hell now, anything is plausible!

Argh, the film is so annoying. lol


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As Above spoilers ahead: I loved Benji's death, laughed my ass off. Seemed to be the only that found it funny though. The super powers at the end and the confronting their guilt before jumping into the hole seemed like a quick deus ex machina ending, they needed an ending and just slapped it on. The hell scenes almost worked, but they just rushed through it, throwing out shock scares instead of working with already creepy atmosphere, I would have added a more surreal terror instead cheap shocks. I did like the beginning well enough, and didn't hate the end, but it was definitely a flawed film. Still worth the watch for me personally. spoiler complete.

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Double post

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

What movie are you guys talking about?


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

^As Above, So Below.


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Ah.  I've been reading some pretty mixed reactions 'roundst the web.  Probably going to pass on that one.


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My reaction was a mixed one, definitely had enough redeeming value for me to enjoy, but had enough detractors to prevent from being a truly great flick. My guess : You probably won't like it much, but I can't put words into your mouth.