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Ash's missing hand wrote:

Crime Story
UFO Hunters
Arrested Development (I know Netflix brought it back but it was still cancelled)
Police Squad

Loved Sightings and Tim White "No mystery is closed to an open mind".

Destination Truth - loved all the exotic locations that Josh Gates goes to. Very fascinating scary places in real life - Romania's hoia baciu haunted forest , suicide forest in japan , mexico's island of the dolls etc. Just didn't like the fact they could spend 5-6 days getting to the location but spend less than a day on location investigating and then go back after that.

Dark Skies - bleak show. The finale of season 1 had eric close fighting a lone battle against the alien invasion. His girlfriend has just been taken over by the parasite , majestic 12 has been infilitrated and the head apparently assisinated. Eric close has no allies , no backup and not really a lot of options left.

Now and again - the bionic man of the new era. Shame it got canned just as it got interesting. Eric close just has poor success with new series as leading man.

Caprica - love the idea of a rogue AI running amok in a VR world. Wished that it wasn't tie to the BSG universe which ultimately killed it since people were expecting something different.

Gang Related - just been cancelled which is a shame. Good series , very underrated.

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I wish Community wasn't canceled. It was a funny show.

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So I heard friend with better life , which as yet to air in UK as that been axed ? In the US

They should really wait us dose a cross the global

The reason why show called negibours , which is made is made in  Australia , is still on  because of the UK !

As it was more populous here then over there!