Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

My parody of Happy by Pharrell called Zombies.

It might seem crazy what I'm about to say
Zombies are real and they're on their way
They're out to eat the human race
You better run for your dear life or they'll eat your face


Run from zombies
Run along if you don't want them to eat your brain
Run from zombies
Board your house with weapons if they break in incase
Run from zombies
They're out to eat us and they're rising from their graves
Run from zombies
They want to kill us and no ones really safe

It's on the news, headlined Zombie Attacks
Gather all your guns and shoot them back
Well I should probably warn you that they won't die
Even if we shoot them many times
Won't die


Bring them down
Can't nothin
Bring them down
Zombies won't die
Bring them down
immortal zombies
Bring them down
I said (shoot them in the head)
Bring them down
With all your weapons
Bring them down
Or else they'll eat you alive

Bring them down, you'll get infected
Bring them down, before they bite your thigh

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Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Mwahaha Awesome. lol

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

My parody of Blurred Lines called Street Mimes about a guy who walks the street everyday and notices a street mime everyone thinks is cool and funny but he thinks it's lame and annoying.

Why can't these annoying mimes talk!
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Say something

You can't hear what they're tryna to say
From there mouths, I just can't translate
I can't tell if they're deaf
They're acting asinine
They just swatted an imaginary fly

Ok, I see this mime on the streets of my city
He wears white make up, a striped shirt and a fedora
He does these strange hand movements
Hey hey hey
Like being in an imaginary box
Hey, hey, hey
I really want to hit him with an imaginary rock

Now he's using an imaginary rope
To try and tie me
He can go bite me
His acts very cheesy
Get a day job
Get out of the streets
Get out of your imaginary seat
Your acts very lousy
I hate these street mimes
They always copy
They're not that funny
Find a better way to make money
And now they're dancing
And it's quite scary
It's vety tacky
Go back to the circus
Everybody don't watch

I always watched a mime climb
Imaginary stairs on th streets tonight
He seriously needs a life
I don't get why people find him so great
He's not that funny
Hey, hey, hey
Seriously not that funny
Hey, hey, hey
Wanna know whats funny?
Punching him in the face

One thing I just can't stand
Is how he dances with his hands
He's up from night to noon
Thinks he's funny but he's a bafoon
Same old act, it's such a snooze
I'd rather watch a street performer play guitar
Or a magician do a magic trick with some cards
I mean it's the same old act over again
Yeah it's impressive, if I was 10
People watch and wait, to see what he does everyday
But it's very lame
And it's the same act over again
I don't get whats so great about him

Now he's juggling imaginary balls
And breathing fire
And fixing flat tires
He's imaginary MaCGyver
With his invisible screwdriver
He can do anything
He can even sing
Even though you can't hear a thing
I'm impressed with this street mime
(Everybody should watch!)
His acts not that bad
It's actually kind of rad
Even his little dance

He's got an invisible gun
Everybody should run
Hey, hey, hey,
Hey, hey, hey
Run away

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Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

It's funny how when you listen to a song you have known for years that you can almost hear the past whisper in your ear, like ghosts of old friends, lover, enemies. How you can almost feel the phantoms of kisses on your cheeks....the longing of the goodbyes hiddden in the lyrics. You can almost see them standing bewteen the melody. Its amazing how certain songs hold the old you like a lighting bug trapped in a jar, watching for a moment as the music ends seeing the glow one more before being let go....almost as if it were never there..the spirit of a memory locked within its notes.

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Oh love this. So damn true too. Thanks very nice words miss. And have a nice weekend. smile

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These are some wacky lyrics which I wrote for me and my buddy to see if we can put some music to it.

My Clock-Face

I don't know
but I've grown
to be a strange kind of man.
Always blinded by pale light
of the hideous moonlight
and lost in the most foreign land.

funny world, ooh-la-la-la

I've seen people in my dreams
and whole lives flash before my eyes.
I've cultivated my mind far into space
far above this ugly place
and however do I try
to defeat this wicked horse that cries
And the white men in their pretty white coats
that won't stop selling the world their lies.

funny world, ooh-la-la-la

O, gross American night
Delving into Pabst Ribbon delight
They drown themselves in red, white & blue
What color are you?

Meanwhile, my white rabbit
that they so despise
has gone deep down again
back into its hole again
& left my head rollin' on its shoulders
it's just a' spinnin'.
it's a' spinnin'.

Alice, O, Alice
Won't you be my bride?
(my bride)
(it's all so out of control...)

funny world, ooh-la-la-la

Lying down with eyes open wide
there are worms in my braaain
Now I know why I am here
they tell that I'm insane.
I told them it was just the pain.

Am I really insane?

Day after day
the night eats it all away.
And that one frosted window to the outside
keeps gettin' thicker.
It's been a long time since I've cried
or even tried
to see the real me!
I've got so many sides
that come out in the night
that it's tough to decide
who to be or if its right.

Alice, O, Alice, did you hear?
I've bought a brand new watch!
So that I can time myself by ear
whenever you are near
and try, try, & try
not to never ever
be caught.
Thanks a lot.

It's a funny damn world out there!

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Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Woah freaking awesome. The chorus is great, Sounds like The Ramones to me. lol

I love how you stuck Wonderlander Alice in it. Very cool. Hope you'll be able to put music to it man. Great, great, great. big_smile

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

^ Thanks a bunch, man. I'm glad you dig it.
I thought it might be somewhat up your alley.
Now, putting music to it, if my friend can pick up a drum set, is going to be fun (if not difficult, too).

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Damn yeah man.

But music is FAR from complicated really. You just let it go free and normally it sounds great. Most first drafts sound better than the following ones so I always keep the first. Most of the time...

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

I decided to parody Stu's song from the Hangover called "Doug" and call it "Punk" instead. Miss you buddy.

What do tigers dream
When they take a little tiger snooze?
Do they dream of mauling zebras
Or Halle Berry in her Catwoman suit

Don't you worry, your pretty mohawk head
We're gonna get you back to Taylor Mumsen and your cozy punk rock bed

Punk, Punk, oh Punk, Punk, Punk, Punk, Punk
But if he's been trampled at a Misfits concert
....Well then we're shit out of luck!

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Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

New poem/Song. This particular one sounds best when spoken aloud as opposed to read silently. It's a little shaky, but for the most part, I'm happy with it.

The Brooding Mare

I think I'm about to cover my face
with the softest kind of riot gear.
I think it's something that could keep me warm
throughout the remainder of this calender year.

I'm about to change this world
without even the slightest hint of fear.
I'm about to leave my eyes without a trace
of light to be found anywhere near.
I'm about to let this ship of fury forward sail
Without anybody left standing at the wheel.

I think I'm about to put away
any hunter caring with his pin-hole eyes
buzzing full of flies and rotten full of lies.
Who stares down at my picture frame,
always pushing for my quiet demise.

...I know we can all think very deeply
but that doesn't mean we can strategize.
All there is here to my thinking
Is a philosopher who folds up his thinking chair and cries.
A father without the children he raised in front of his eyes.
A poet who is lost in a world that ain't the most sublime.
A criminal who will never even commit his one-time greatest crime.

What does motivate my movements?
You know, I could never rightly tell.
But I know just as the wounds will begin to heal
my mind will start to swell.

...And the worms, they're all crawling
into my thumping, open heart
And my body is left crooked & half-paralyzed
for what they call abstract art
And the oceans are all still broiling,
the sky is still yet to part
As the choices of yesterday
are today not so very smart.

I feel like a never-ending suitcase rider
Keeping with the wind never brought me any strife.
I feel like a sitting bucket of ice cold water
so it went with my warmest past life.

I feel like a snake quiet in his desert
slithering straight for my mate and my home.
I feel like a writer emerging from a thousand-year bunker
I never felt bad when I was alone.

You point me in the right direction
But I swear it's all going South.
You give me all the honest corrections
But I keep telling you to watch your mouth.
You insist I have something to give you
When everything I have is just up my sleeve.
You tell me that I've got to stay there
When I insist that I really must leave.

I would like to throw a parade,
Yes, I really would like to treat you fair
but the wind, it is pushing me...
Turning me around & for the first time making me see
Allowing me breathe that one breath of flowing eternity
Hiding away the lock and politely handing me the key
Riding on the ege-white-crest of an infinite, swarming sea
Leading me away to the man I will one day have to be.

O' where will we all go at the end of the day?
I can see no other end than this old, cold & hard one-way.
I'll stumble forlorn into the densest of mist
Because we all turn up lost along that road anyway.
While all the people who said that they had great plans
Ended up staying home just so they could grieve and pray.

I'm blazing through life like a stumbling circus clown
Beating people with these eyes and speaking without a sound.
Drunk on naive wisdom & serving as counsel to the crown.
Lost in this brightly flashing carnival,
clutching onto a tiny ticket which I drunkenly stole.

Rising to an occasion for which I never thought I would bare
Racing along a deviant turnpike upon a brooding mare...

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

I royally do suck at this poetry junk,
my poems stink worse than 3 day old dead skunk,

Trying to make words rhyme makes me want to gouge out my eyes,
until I get that nasty feeling of my blood trickling down my thighs.


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Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

10 out of 10

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

I'm a master poet
There is none greater
As you can tell
From this rhyme

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The Illuminati's always watching you

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Nausea, heartburn, indigestion
upset stomach, diarrhea
Yay, Pepto Bismol

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Get a little closer
Don't be shy
Get a little closer
with Arid X-Tra Dry


Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Give me a break, give me a break,
Give me a break for that ILLUMINATI

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Also it's fun replacing every word with illuminati

and no im not a crazy consipracy theorist! big_smile

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

Roto Rooter
That's the name
And away go troubles
Down the drain

Re: Poetic Corner (for the Artist in us)

This thread has lost all integrity
Y'all sold out to corporations
Spare me the pleasantries
Commence the illuminati invasion