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Feeling good this morning but last night sucked.  Drove out with my mom to pick up some smokes when suddenly the Explorer wouldn't start.  We'd stopped at two place prior and there were no problems at all; truck started up like it always does.  But now all of a sudden it was like the battery was completely did.  Turn the ignition, nothing happened; not a click, dash didn't light up, nothing.

Fortunately the insurance includes free road side assistance, so we called them up to tow the truck home and they said it would be no more than forty minutes. 

Cut to over two hours later.  Still no sign of a tow truck.  So we call the insurance company back; they mumbled about not knowing what was taking so long and gave us the number of the tow company they'd contacted to pick us up.  We call the tow company; they forward us to the actual driver.  Turns out the insurance company had given him the wrong address and he'd been driving around in circles looking for us -- on the road directly beneath the parking lot we'd been sitting in all that time.  So basically, we sat there for nearly two and a half hours waiting for a tow truck which, the entire time, had been less than five hundred feet away.

Suffice to say, my emotions last night were not good. lol

Re: How Are Your Emotions Today.......Thread !!!!!!!

^ That is frustrating as hell. I'm glad you got it all sorted out.
On multiple occasions I've been waiting with people for tow-trucks and the same thing happened.


Re: How Are Your Emotions Today.......Thread !!!!!!!

@Howdy- thanks for the link.  I cannot search this site to save my life.
@Lon- Yep, I got the flu shot a couple of weeks ago and I had a fever for 2 days.
@Vix & HQ- double yep, malls attract stupid people.  I mean, "Dawn of the Dead"!

I had a fun day, I cut my day off at noon because my leg was killing me (I think I mentioned I pulled a muscle in it on Monday).  I actually took off 1/2 of a day's work.  Then I come home and lay down for a nap, and the other leg decides it wants to cramp 'cause I was favoring the other leg for 4 hours.  Pain normally doesn't bother me anymore, but when you have to step on your own foot to stretch out the shin muscle, there are some issues.

And we get a truck delivery tomorrow.  Hah!

On the good side, Vamps got me this cool purple skull mug for our anniversary.  I have named him Billy. He shall be the official mug for HFest.  (Picture(s) will be posted later.)  Wow, 14 years (17 if you include the dating time), and she hasn't killed me yet!  lol

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Re: How Are Your Emotions Today.......Thread !!!!!!!

I've got my coffee. My day is always better when I've got coffee.