Topic: "yeah....get me some of that beef jerky."

Okay, I love jerky. Any flavor is awesome, any animal is awesome-cow, deer, dog. It's all good. I had this jerky one time from a CITGO in another city that was two pieces of the kippered style meat, and, here's the best part, was smothered in hot sauce! came in shrink wrap pack, a little larger than the jerks, and I'm thinkin' it had a picture of a kippered steak-man on fire. Any of you carnivores know the name of this beautiful marriage of sauce and smoked meats? I want a case of 'em to put back in the cellar. If someone could check a CITGO near you, it would be cool. I don't have access to any aroud here and have never seen it in any other type of convenience store. Thanks peoples!