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The Water On Earth Predates the Formation of the Sun: … edates-sun

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European Spacecraft Lands on Comet in Historic Feat: … ccess.html

Rosetta/Philae were launched into space in 2004, traveled 4 billion miles, and have now reached their destination. smile


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Took 'em long enough to get there.  lol.
Totally forgot about that mission, thanks for the update Sir Creature.
We made a machine that could travel 4 BILLION miles, and still land on a rock traveling at 17MPS.

My monkeys can't do that.

Some days, us humans can just be awesome.  Except for Lon, he exudes the awesome. [he punches sharks in the face, for God's sake!]

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Yeah, really! The ESA should've just launched Lon up there to do the job. big_smile

He'd a' done it in only a 1/2 hour's time! tongue

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First Amphibious "Sea Monster" Found; Fills Evolutionary Gap: … e-fossils/

These dudes were pretty awesome some 200 million years ago:

Withdrew from the land and emerged in the sea...

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The Molecule That Might Give Us Super-Memories: … r-memories

Always with the most sensational headlines, but technically true enough. It's awesome just how great cognitive changes can be from the specific tampering of, or introduction of, one single neuro-molecule in the human brain. Whole perceptual realities could be (and are) changed by one tweak, removal, or introduction of a single molecule. There is a perspective there.