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HO (just so you know, I will never get tired of that) -- congrats on the book release.  I wish you the best of success.  A token sentiment, maybe, but I mean it.

Tri -- sorry to hear that, man.  It's never easy losing a pet.  I'll probably even shed a tear when the dog I've been stuck with for the last four years croaks.  It's my mom's dog, and it's a total pain in the ass, but that doesn't mean I want to see the little fucker die. hmm

Re: How Are Your Emotions Today.......Thread !!!!!!!

smile That's okay, Lon. I figured you weren't going to tire of it LOL

And thank you very much!

Re: How Are Your Emotions Today.......Thread !!!!!!!

I'm happy as hell because I got to leave work super early because it was so dead there. Now I can sit around and watch movies/play video games all day smile


Re: How Are Your Emotions Today.......Thread !!!!!!!

I have this weekend off, so I am pretty happy. Picked up a heated hoodie for myself yesterday. Life is slightly more comfortable.


Re: How Are Your Emotions Today.......Thread !!!!!!!

Cold pizza, hot coffee and no hangover. Seems like a good day.


Re: How Are Your Emotions Today.......Thread !!!!!!!

I'm feeling really good right now I just found out I'm going back to the division I live close to. These past 3 months have been hell. I was accused of sleeping on the job. I was accused of leaving work during work hours. I was accused of trying to get everyone to slow down at work within 2 weeks of starting at this division. Nobody knew me so why would they listen to me.   I was told my work wasn't good by a supervisor who never saw my work even dough my coworkers all said my work is great. He said anyone who took my side was lazy. We were stacked with work today and we barely made our deadline and this weasel at work tried to take credit even dough he had NOTHING to do with what we did today. Then when I call him on it he plays it off saying "you haven't beat my record but nice try." Words can not describe how much I have hated this division.  I know I'm the main reason this division has done so well I can't wait to leave so they can know without a shadow of a doubt how great I was. Anyone who was associated with me became instant enemies of management. Management wants to take credit for everything and there just butt hurt because I came in and was good. There useless and want to feel important. "Yes our words motivate them be the best thus we alone should get the raises." Any idiot with knowledge of word and excel can do their jobs. Their job are to make sure I get paid and to order supplies. Sorry just needed to get this of my chest.

By the way I know I may have come off as a bit arrogant.  It's just angers me to know I had to take orders from a bunch of idiots who's only reason for staying in power is to make up stuff about other people. The higher ups won't look at how crappy my work is because they'll be to busy looking at other people's mistakes. Who cares if it's true by the time it's all sorted out I'll find someone new to point the finger at again. Eventually someone will be doing the things I accuse them off and I'll look creditable. I've actually had the supervisor come over and ask me help to do his job but I thought I wasn't good at what I do.

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