Re: What makes you happy right now?

Haha, I've got quite a bit saved from this job so I'll be good for at least a few months which will give me time to find a new job. I've always wanted to work at a video game store or movie theater so I'm gonna try to find something like that. Worst case scenario I sell my ass or become a male stripper hahaha tongue


Re: What makes you happy right now?

RWAHAHAHA big_smile

But yeah man, one of my dream jobs is to work at a DVD store. I could be able to see even much more stuff. Hehehe

Me today I'm insanely great. Made a bunch of short one hour naps during the night and every time I woke up I slapped myself with mugs with half Jack Dan, half Expresso. Nothing makes me feel happier than this.

Aside w33d or Porn that is. lol

So yes, I'm top shape. Bring it on baby!!!


Re: What makes you happy right now?

As the first of the month falls a weekend, I will get my cash tomorrow which makes me very, very, very happy.

Luckily, I'm almost out of Jack Dan. lol


Re: What makes you happy right now?


Was about damn time. I miss lotsa stuff so I'm pretty happy it comes up 2 days before the first.

Hahaha lol