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Man this annoys me to the HIGHEST point.

I posted Destruction Trash Till Death http://youtu.be/-TrFwFs11Jo in a group on Facebook calling it a classic which everybody in the Metal Universe will agree to but he starts teling me that the recent waves is maybe Trash but far from a classic. What a dumbass. He has the guts to tell me that he wasn't even born when Slayer got out their first album. What??? lol

I replied that a classic is a song that sticks in the head of a huge bunch of people which this song sure does and is a reference like the recent Behemoth's Ora Pro Norbis Lucifer will become. A classic is a song that is so good it becomes one. And everybody has his own damn fucking opinions. Agree or not it's only what the people posting it thinks. Period motherfucker. So he mentioned Municipal Waste saying it's not good at all. I would want to be in his head man. More Trash than them you die and don't say ANYTHING against my Municipal Waste or you're in big trouble. Hahaha

And left him with here, in your face then.

Municipal Waste-Time To Party


Fucker didn't reply back. Man couldn't believe it.

Fucking kids these days... roll

What a hoser, early Destruction is clearly classic thrash, not even subjectively.

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I fucking know. Anyways he definitely couldn't get past Sacrifice and Razor.


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