Topic: Looking for the following (Buy or Trade)

my house got robbed in May, and all my DVDs were stolen, i have recently started putting my collection back together and am still in need of these titles:

Wrong Turn
House of Wax
The Descent
Don't Say a Word
Final Destination 2
Bay Cove

im also looking for a few non horror as well

Cable Guy
Bruce Almighty
Me, Myself and Irene
Waynes World 2
Black Hawk Down
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Family Guy season 1 and 2
Scary Movie 1-3
Shriek if u know wat i did last friday the 13th
Harry Potter 4
X-men1 and 2

Re: Looking for the following (Buy or Trade)

You can probably get some of those horror ones cheap today and tomorrow on cause they have been having alot of horror dvds on sale and like 40 to 50% off. I have been buying alot of dvds on there the past 2 weeks.