Re: Last horror movie you watched?


BWAHAHAHAHAHA Damn man, can't be more cheesy than this really. Turning people into vegetables. lol

Some pretty boring parts but the funny ones are worth it. Like in every B-Movies from the 80s. I loved it. Hahaha

Full Film You Tube: https://youtu.be/YAaQm9HXs2U



Re: Last horror movie you watched?

THE DEAD OUTSIDE 2008 rewatch

After Night Of The Living Dead and Dead Snow this is my all times favorite Zombie flick I've seen ever. Brilliant little British piece with phenomenal shooting and ÜBER AWESOME acting. The fucking story is ROCK SOLID!!! Badass soundtrack too. Sarah Louise Douglas is IMPRESSIVE as April. Loving her accent and her looks she gives all movie long. Very expressive.

I recommend it to every die hard fan of Zombies.

Free Streaming here: http://justclicktowatch.so/dead-outside-2008/


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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Mortuary (1983)
The first half is a bit boring and the later half just didn't deliver the slasher goods, still it's a decent watch with some good atmosphere.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Tripod wrote:

Cat's Eye (1985)

Good anthology horror. Of the 3 I liked "General" the best. The goblin was just creepy looking. "Ledge" was great too featuring a great car crash sequence and invoking a fear of heights. "Quitters Inc" was kinda lackluster in my opinion but overall it was a cool anthology.

I liked it too. Thought Quitters Inc. was unnerving, but not straight up scary. I like them all but the last is my favourite.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Cat's Eye is a great flick.  I enjoy all the stories; they all have their own strengths, IMO.  But my favorite is definitely the last one.  I played it for my youngest niece when she was visiting last summer and we ended up watching that third story a few dozen times.  She got to where she can actually quote it.  Oddly enough, her favorite quote is when Drew Barrymore is about to shout "No" but only says the "N". lol


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Hahaha Sweet. big_smile

CRAWL OR DIE 2014 rewatch for the Xth time.

MASTERPIECE of claustrophobic brilliant acting and shots. PERIOD!!!


PHANTASM 1979 rewatch

Been way too long I hadn't seen this pure bomb blast this does to my brain. Man the insanity it is. big_smile



Re: Last horror movie you watched?

SCAR 2997 rewatch

Very Gore and very nice. That Angela Bettis chick is GREAT!!!

Trailer: https://youtu.be/ZIV5VqI72Uc



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Woah man. 30 minutes now into it and loving it. Train with camera on the rails scene was insane.
In the Woods at Night??? Man yes bring it on. big_smile

"I'm a Greek Satue, I'm a Greek Statue!!!"

Lovely underwear chicks there, YES!!!


Poor Cramer dog, he freaks!!! lol
Man the sounds are just CREEPY AS FUCKING H3LL!!!

Damn that was cool. One down. And yeah down is really the right word. lol


Man the weird shit happening wild woah!!! Stupid dog went away, bastard!!!
Yelling Help or Fire or Rape. Pretty USELESS if you ask me. HAHAHA

That was cool.


A lamp in the middle of the forest??? Oh yeah why not, we're in a cemetary after all. big_smile


Man that scene was intense!!!


Fun water shots right after.

Ah here he is the damn bastard at right. lol


Ending reminded me a LOT of Blair Witch which is great. smile


Well YESSS very creepy very fun and to me that loves hand held cam work very beautiful. Damn the noises were SICK!!! So I enjoyed a whole damn lot. big_smile

Watch it HERE: http://justclicktowatch.so/nightlight-2015/

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

I last watched The Mothman Prophecies.

More of a mystery/thriller but a good one.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

13: Game Death (2006 Unrated version)

I've had this on DVD for the longest time but never watched it. It's also a first in foreign horror for me as I'm quite inexperienced in foreign horror. In the beginning it kinda dragged, but when our main character has to do questionable things for a desired amount of money that's when things get interesting. Some  gross, cruel, brutal things I should add. But they were creative.The ending was kinda laughable (c'mon a kid in a big black chair overseeing it all.) but it still was a good movie


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

It Follows (2015)

Arguably my most anticipated movie of the year (move over, Star Wars), and I loved it! I saw it twice in the theatre (within 24 hours, the only time I've ever done that), and while I wasn't sold the first time, I really fell in love the second time. As everyone has said, the cinematography and score is amazing (the theme's been stuck in my head all day). I really love it because it works really well as just a plain old scary (one of the few movies that made me look over my shoulder as I walked out to the car) popcorn movie, but there's also a lot to analyze and deconstruct and theorize about, if you so choose.

8/10 the first time, honestly a 10/10 the second (but I tend to give 10/10s out like candy on Halloween)

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

It Follows - brilliant camera angles, beautiful cinematography and a highly effective and haunting score make this one a must see. Easily the best mainstream theatrical horror film I've seen in years. 9/10

Muck - no actual gore, no plot and pathetic dialogue. Nothing but girls running around in lingerie for no reason at all. Only a 7th grade virgin would find this amusing. Heartless and childish. 3/10

Urban Flesh - disturbing, disgusting, bloody and gory. Underground horror at its best. 8/10

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Well I must be a 7th grade virgin then because I loved Muck. lol

And boy you guys makes me wanna see It Follows even more than I actually did since I heard about it last year. Please appear in Pirate Cyberspace faster than that damn... roll


Gore as fuck. Enough said. big_smile

Free Streaming HERE: http://justclicktowatch.so/pain-is-beautiful-2015/



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Also saw It Follows on Friday.  I also agree first things first, the Cinematography was beautiful.   Nearly every shot was awesome. This pretty much is my favorite Horror movie in a long time. Paid homage to a ton of different horror movies while staying original.  Throwback to Wes Craven and Carpenter and many others.  What a flick.  The score was also insane.