Re: What makes you happy right now?

Talking to my daughter.  Got off the phone with her a little bit ago.  Spent the last ten minutes seeing who could make the weirdest noises with our mouths.  I'm no slouch (I'm particularly adept at making raindrop noises, like Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off) but she kicked my ass with a super-spitty machine gun noise. lol


Re: What makes you happy right now?

Hahaha Man, what a great way to loose time on the phone. big_smile


Re: What makes you happy right now?

Just signed up for motorcycle riding course.


Re: What makes you happy right now?

Oh awesome. Live to ride, ride to live.
Be sure to take the Highway To H3LL once you have it. lol


Re: What makes you happy right now?

Man, I've always wanted to learn to drive a motorcycle.  I've been on three in my life:

First: My uncle Gene gave me a ride when I was 12.

Second: In my early 20s, my dad used to own a used car lot.  At one point he'd picked up an automatic motorcycle -- as in no gears, just "drive" and "neutral."  Rode it around the block a few times.  Fun, but it felt like cheating.  Motorcycles are supposed to have gears, man!

Third: in my early '30s, my older sister splurged and bought herself a Honda.  She never rode it.  I tried.  But having zero idea how to shift, I only got it out of first gear once, and that was by accident. lol

I'd totally be down for a riding class.  One of these days, man....


Re: What makes you happy right now?

I had a Harlet Fat Boy after I finished my latest Design course. Made shit loads of money so I could buy one. And fuck everything but Harley. Aside Indian that is of course. lol

Was this one exactly... Same color and all. Best bike I ever rode on.



Re: What makes you happy right now?

It's funny -- I have practically zero experience on a motorcycle but I'm very familiar with biker lifestyle and various models of bikes.  Growing up, one of my mom's friends was a biker and we'd hang out at his place regularly, so at an early age I was made hip to the lingo and culture.  His name was Mark.  We called him "Mark Dark."  He ended up killing himself around '81 or so.  Really hit us hard.  He was a great guy.  We never did learn why he did that.


Re: What makes you happy right now?

Been surrounded with bikers all my life too. And still is this way now. 2 of my good buddies have Harley bikes and mom's dude is a biker. I miss riding so much though. One of these days I'll learn to ride an Indian. Most complicated Clutch and Shifting system these have.

And RIP to him.

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Re: What makes you happy right now?

Can't wait for the State Fair this summer.

I mostly care about the food. Deep fried cheesecake, Twinkies, red velvet Oreos. Yeah I get excited about food. But state fairs are really fun.


Re: What makes you happy right now?

Gonna watch Poltergeist Of Borley Forest tonight. Also called You Will Love Me and hopefully I'll do. big_smile


Feeling very fine and pretty wasted which is always the case on weekends. Samael save ALCOHOL!!! lol

About to cook myself some Burgers. But I'm waiting for the Munchies to strike. Probably need to choke more if I want them to show up. Hahaha