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Oh dude that is awesome news. LOVE RZ man, he is a legend. Congrats smile


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Ragnbone wrote:

Some cool news:


Very cool! It couldn't go to better hands.

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Thanks, I friended that woman who sent that to my buddy Arthur on FB.  She's got pics of her with Rob Zombie, so I'm thinking it's legit.

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Just worked with Arthur Collins from White Zombie and Mark Colombo from ReZistance and a whole lot of other people from the exploding indie film community down in the Marietta, Ohio area on a Crash The Superbowl Doritos ad.  Can't say too much about it, but I'm sure if we place or win the crowd will highly appreciate our effort!  I'll link some production pics if I can and in February, win or lose, I'll hopefully link the finished spot on here!! … ctsb_brand

here's the site.

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Sounds pretty damn cool! I look forward to checking the checking your guy's work.

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Here ya go.... … 092?filter

Dorito's Superbowl ad hopeful.  Check it out and rate it if ya dig it!!  me, Arthur Collins & Mark Colombo (Rezistance) made it last week.

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ok, the latest on Rob Zombie & White Zombie is:  a few weeks back he played The Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio.   The woman who gave him the White Zombie DVD met him and he said he hasn't watched it yet. sad

Just last week, I was contacted by the pres./owner of Screamtime Films and he's interested in a screener for both of our films.   

Right now I'm doing some work on a local independent film called Dinosaurs With Guns.  Sorry, there's no imdb or FB page up right now, but if there is in the future, I'll be sure to post a link.

Eric Sopko, the guy who was in The House on The Wrong Side of The Tracks & did camera work in White Zombie, is directing.  Should be a blast on par with the many Asylum movies you see on Syfy. 

They are trying to use bare minimum CGI and focus on stop motion, animatonic & practical effects as much as possible.

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