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Since its not horror, I didn't post it up on the main news page, but still important none the less.

Twitchfilmsis reporting on that the HITMAN film was getting the R rating for a lot of violence and stuff.  I repeat WAS.  Apparently French director Xavier Gens has been given the boot by Fox and they are bringing their own editor Nicolas De Toth to cut it down from R to PG13.  Not really the way to go considering that the game is M.  But, Fox seemed to think it was far too violent and so instead of asking Gens to make it a light/medium R...they decide to slash it to PG13.

And of course it wouldn't be a studio meddling with a director's vision without the customary director being kept out of the editing room and having any say in the process.

Xavier Gens now joins the rather sad club of foreign filmmakers to get fucked in Hollywood. … vier-gens/

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This is bad news!!!! i love these games! pg-13...........LAME!!!

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Not surprising...still has a chance to be good though.

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Is it going to be Austin Power's 4?


This time with gun's, and other weapon's.


And apparently a bald man instead of Austin Power's.


So, there basically going to have a movie, that won't have to be edited for t.v.

Since we're watching the edited version.



Hopefully there'll be an uncut version for dvd.


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