Hey guys here's some fun trivia about the upcoming movie "Pray for Morning." For more information and to view the trailer go to or

Production assistant Stephanie Tull and director Cartney Wearn had the same unexplained incident, of someone flicking the back of their heads when no one was behind them in the darkness .

Make up and hairstylist Edie Stanley felt someone touch her ear and run their hand down her neck. When she jumped to see who was clowning around in the dark hall, no one was around her. The hair on her neck started standing straight up.

The director's assistant Zach Bolger was called over the headset to take the Director a book. As he was walking down the hall he glanced down at an intersecting hallway and saw a single gurney up against the wall. Zach felt a chill run down his spine, barely saying "Oh, god," under his breath, when a short breeze passed by his right ear and a women's voiced giggled. The windows were closed and everyone was on set.

Costume designer Stephanie Portnoy was walking down the hall when she turned and looked down an intersecting hallway and saw a woman in a white dress walking at the other end of the hall. The woman looked at Stephanie, turned, and then starting walking back down the hallway she came from. When Stephanie got back to the area where they were filming, she asked a P.A. to go down "to make sure the area was secure," all of the doors were chained shut. This was not the the only sighting of an unexplained figure.

Actor Dennis Flanagan and the director's assistant Zach Bolger decided to take an adventurous trip to the creepy third floor. They had gone maybe six steps after they reached the top of the stairs, when they saw a dark figure leaning against the wall. The dark figure turned and made his way down the same steps Dennis and Zach had just taken...but there was no one there.

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