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For those of you participating in the Hell on Earth story collab, this is where you'll be posting your character profiles. I'll start by posting mine, so that the rest of you can figure out how yours should look.

*Post an additional profile for each character and if wanted mention the name of your villian.

Name: Robert Rhodes
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Bio: Robert is a horror writer who has been struggling to become known in the world of literature. To make up for his unsuccesful writing career, Robert occasionally reviews films and books for entertainment magazines in order to pay the bills. Robert was once known as a calm and sociable guy, but recently has become more stubborn and pessimistic.
Looks:Reddish/brown hair, brown eyes, thin build.

Name: Angelica Rhodes
Location:Brooklyn, New York
Bio:Robert's wife of 2 years. Works as a photo journalist(more info to be revealed in the story)
Looks:Long red hair, green eyes, thin build
height: 5"6

Villian: Freddy Krueger

More to(most likely)come.

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Name: Victoria Laurant
Age: 28
Height: 5’10
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green

Bio: Unmarried, single, she currently resides in a small apartment and works at Montreal’s City Hall as an aide.  She is a bit of a partier and is usually found in a club on Friday and Saturday nights downing a few drinks before heading back home.  She is also keeps a pair of chinchillas as pets. 

Name: Christopher Mirren
Age: 19
Height: 6’1
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown

Bio: His parents are divorced and he holds a deep hatred for his father basically leaving his mother and him.  He and his mother live in a modest apartment and he spends a lot of his free time playing video games or reading; occasionally he takes a .22 rifle his father had given him out shooting but he really doesn’t care for it.  Christopher works at Starbucks when he is not in class at McGill University studying to become a teacher.

Villian: Dracula
Age: Hell if I know, a least as old as a former Biology teacher...and she was probably born sometime around the Crusades
What he is: Come on if you don’t know who he is I pity you
What he isn’t: What he was in Stephen Sommer’s Van Helsing or something outta Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Sarah McNova
Age: 18
Looks: Brown Hair, blue eyes, Five foot six
Description: Sarah spends most of her time taking care of her little brother because mom is usually away at work.  Sarah dropped out of high school at eleventh grade and has stayed home to take care of her brother since and until he becomes old enough to stay home by himself.  Sarah is drawn back and does not trust anyone so easily.  She keeps to herself though she tends to confide in Tommy.

Tommy McNova
Age: 8
Looks: Dark blonde hair, brown eyes, Four foot four
Description: Tommy spends most of his time around his Sarah.  He is shy around people he does not know.  Otherwise he is an average eight year old who looks to his sister for support because mom is never there.  Doesn’t have many friends in school and is teased a lot.

James Matisdon
Age: 42
Looks: Black hair, green eyes, Five foot seven
Description:  New doctor to the hospital does regular check-ups and no surgery.  Works with adults and does not usually work with children unless there is no other staff member to serve the patient. Doctor Matisdon is kind and always willing to help.  He owns a small handgun which he keeps a clip of eight bullets separate from it and keeps both in his office.

The Torturer (Jacob)
Age: Unknown
Looks: Stands six foot five at three hundred and fifty pounds, wears a bronze mask with cross sections over the eye holes and mouth hole.  Two small spikes protrude from each side.  He wears dark brown clothing that is tattered in some places and wears black leather gloves.  He carries a large double sided battle axe.  The smell of rotting flesh surrounds him.
History: Born in the medieval times, Jacob grew up in a small, poor family.  When he killed his family for food and devoured him, the authorities turned him into a gladiator for a death sentence and unleashed their largest lion to attack and kill him in a coliseum.  This back fired when Jacob ripped the lion’s mouth open with his bare hands, killing it instantly.  For fear that swords and other weaponry would not affect him, they offered Jacob to become a torturer and they would spare his life.  Jacob greatly accepted this offer.  While torturing, he became unhappy with the methods of torture and developed his own. Many victims never saw the light of day after entering his chamber.  Jacob’s victims usually died while in there.  As time went on, he received less and less people and started kidnapping innocent victims to satisfy his needs.  The Europeans didn’t know what to do with him so they shipped him to what is now called Canada under the false statement that “business is booming† there.  Jacob gladly took a ship there and when he discovered the lie, he became angry and killed mass amounts of victims in a torture chamber that he constructed in a basement, until he was finally discovered by the local authorities.  A struggle lasted between Jacob and ten guards.  They ended up forcing him onto one of his own torture devices and that is where he was killed.  His torture chamber was locked up so that no one could ever replicate his work as they were too afraid to touch his devices.  Since then, it is said that Jacob’s spirit has remained in his chamber, waiting to torture again.

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Name: Daisey Lynn Draper
Location: Moscow, Pennsylvania
Looks: Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, 5''9, 120lbs
Description: Loves to party with her friends and acts dumbfounded at times but don't let that fool you, theres a dark path behind Daisey she has many inner demonds that need attending too..

Name: Debra Lyons
Location: Moscow, Pennsylvania
Looks: Brown Hair, Hazel eyes, 5''5, 110lbs
Description: Roommate to Daisey not to her liking being Daisey is always partying she likes it calm and relaxing not all this craziness..Debra herself still can't figure out this girl why shes so wild at times and she can't control her anger at times.

Villian: Letherface
Age: Hell if I know, all I know he keeps coming back
Looks: Hmmm? well he has many looks it all depends on who he feels like killing and taking there face.
Description: He was born and raised in the out skirts of Texas, hes bored now and he wants to move on to better things so hes taking a trip..

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Name:  Karl Joseph Smith
Born and raised in Midwest USA
Age: 40
Ht:  183 cm (Just over 6')
Wt:  90 kilos (Just under 200lbs)
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Build:  Good Physical Shape for 40.  Plays a mean game of racket ball at the health club.
Occupation:  Computer Network Security Consultant - sole proprietor
Demeanor:  Genuinely likes to help people, works hard to run his own consulting business and makes $$ doing it.

Name: Anne Van der Berg
Born and raised in Amsterdam
Age: 35
Ht: 165 cm (Just under 5'5")
Wt: 55 kilos (Just over 120lbs)
Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Blue
Build: Good Physical Shape for a woman of 35.  Doesn't own a car, but does walk to work and usually bikes about during time off in good weather.  Does aerobics at local gym with friends.
Occupation:  Newly hired Director of Projects for Janis International
Demeanor:  Good people person.  The kind of supervisor that actually gets results while making those around her feel like they really contributed and matter to the project.  Dislikes people who take credit for work other's did.  Has had some  minor problems with her looks vs others perception.  People tend to get distracted by her beauty men all want to get in her pants, women think she slept her way to the top.

Name: Tweek
Born in Germany
Age: 27
Ht:  177 cm (about 5' 10")
Wt:  65 kilos (about 146lbs)
Hair:  Long brown hair tied back in pony tail
Eyes: Brown
Build: Slender, but deceptivly strong.
Occupation:  Metal Design & Fabrication
Demeanor:  Intense and dedicated to his work.  Has the spirit of an artist about his work.  Likes heavy metal music and Red Bull energy drinks, and football (soccor).

Villian:  Leprecuan - small dirty and greedy!   I'll be watching the first 2 movies this evening as I've never seen them yet.  Should be fun. 

Story Location:  Denmark

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Frank Viola
Born in Texas, of Italian descent.
Age- 50
Bio- 6'1, 195, been involved in construction all of his life in one form or another. Pretty rugged quiet guy who has life kick him in the nuts since he was a kid. A nasty divorce, alcoholism and death of a close friend has made him believe that his life is essentially over and he is just waiting to die.

Edie Bloor
American by birth, has moved to Texas from New England to work for the head office of Micheals Arts and Crafts.
Bio-Spoiled little brat really...Born into money, has alot of money, family has money... Her mom thinks its time for her to fly on her own, thus the move to Texas. A very unlikable person who thinks the world revolves around her.

Villian: Chucky
Location: Texas

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Name: Max Durante
Age: 35
Occupation: Lawyer
Born in Sacramento Ca but after finishing law school he moved to the LA area where he bacame a lawer to the stars. After a sucessful trial getting a famous boy band member off for murder that Max knew he committed he decided to quit and go into corporate law and was drafted by the Nakamora Corp and moved to Tokyo, Japan. Max spent a few months learning the language and getting used to the companies lack of morals. The Nakamora Corp manufactures weapons for the military and anyone with money. Max keep a keen eye on their experimental weapons lab since most of the "accidents" happen in that facility. Max had always looked out for number one and did what he had to to stay on top. Self preservation is the key according to Max.

Name:Angela Sakumoto
Age: 30
Occupation: weapon analyst
Angela has worked for Nakamora for her entire life. She graduated High School early, completed her masters in Engineering in 4 years and went directly to work designing better weapons for the Nakamora Corp. She felt an instant attraction to the new lawyer brought for the United States but he is an outsider and her work has to come first.

Enemy: Michael Meyers
Brought to Japan by the Nakamora Corp (secretly of course)
The theory is that if they are to build the ultimate weapon system they have to have something or someone unstoppable to test it on since no more "accidents" will be tolerated.