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I dunno about the rest of you folks but I did enjoy Uwe Boll's adaptation of BloodRayne, to some extent.  The script did go against some sections of the game such as Kagen getting killed in the Medievil Times and the destruction of Brimstone.  Despite the fact that Billy Zane side story never went anywhere, Ben Kingsly lounged about, Michael Madsen mumbled, and Michelle Rodriguez playing the same character she played in Resident Evil but with a sword....I enjoyed it as a slice of bloody fun.

But the film tanked (possibly due more to the fact of a distrubution mishap that cut the theater run down from 2,500 to less than 1,600 or so) and got only about $5 million I think at the box office.  So, sequels to BloodRayne...still a little sketchy imo. 

Though, I must question here Boll's thinking in setting a 2nd BloodRayne film in the Old West...that doesn't go along with the games and makes little sense imo for now.  So, 2nd movie for me might be a skip cause I can't picture Canada as the old West and unless he shoots it in Spain or Italy, it will be a skip for me.

3rd film, finaly....WW2.  I love Monster vs Nazi movies so I'll see this no doubt.  But, Boll imo should cancel 2, make 3 #2 and then make the third film set in modern day...would please the fans..a little.

Though of course this all depends on money as the tax shelter Boll used to finance his films has apparently been changed by the German gov't so the old rules don't apply any more.  So...if they get made...right now #2 is a skip but #3 is a see.

I think Boll has gotten a little better since House of the Dead and I am looking forward to see In the Name of the King a Dungeon Siege Tale (they could slash the title down on this one) and it looks decent. 

Any other opinions?

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IMO, no need for sequels.  The first was shitty enough.

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Not to start a Uwe Boll bashing thread, but he really should not be allowed to make films..

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There were two good things about the movie Bloodrayne. Kristina Lokkens right and left breast. Michelle Rodriguez and her fake ass accent and Billy Zane ..... well who cares about him. Uwe Boll needs to focus on either quality or quantity because it seems he cant do both at the same time. I am looking forward to Seed though.

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It was almost as good as the first game, if that says anything >.>;

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Yeah, BloodRayne did have problems yet I do consider it better than Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead. 

And I am looking forward to Seed.  It looks like it can be pretty good bloody fun.  And if it works and turns out to be good, Boll might find his calling doing horror movies then video game adaptations.

Last I heard of Seed about a week or so ago it was in post-production gearing up for some film festival or film market in a few weeks.  Also, I will hunt down the article but Fangoria got to see some scenes from it and say Boll might be tempting

I have hopes for it, I enjoy a good bloody romp and hopefully this will turn some of his detractors.