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I thought that here we could relive funny times, amusing times with horror...times we were screaming like little school girls, etc.

My cousin called me about a week ago and asked me for the top 10 Scariest Movies.  I emailed her the list from Bravo's 100 Scariest Movies knowing that it was probably the best I could think of.  I asked her why she wanted them and she said her school newspaper is doing an article on horror movies in honor of Halloween. 

Problem: She didn't get the article and the person who did has never heard of Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho, Wes Craven...

Needless to say, I was horrified at this.  My cousin isn't a horror fan but she is a lover of movies and digs Hitchcock and this person has never heard of Hitchcock.  If you haven't heard of Hitchcock or Psycho you are unworthy of writing anything on horror.  So, I naturally asked her what did he think was scary.  The Fog, The Ring, Resident this point I am resisiting the urge to smash the phone against the counter.

I thus further learn that he didn't know King Kong was a remake, same with Dawn of the Dead or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (even my cousin knew this)...he knows nothing of horror.  So, she would give the list to this punk and hopefully show him what horror is according to a horrorhound...I even sent her my own list.

So, hopefully she would be able to wrestle it from his grasp....but if not....I told her to tell him when I read this article and if I find it in any way painful or insulting to horror....I'm reeving up a chainsaw.  *evil look on face*

Re: Amusing Stories

Golden he sounds like a prime canidate to invite to this website as well as your cousin, make believers out of em AND have two people you referred..MUHAHAHAHAH...wtg Golden:)