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Fun new thread, post your favorite scary Friday the 13th stories, legends, etc. smile I cant think of one yet but am gonna post mine soon.

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Just another excuse to watch a butt load of horror flicks smile

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I just saw this on Bravo, but today is a Project Greenlight Marathon till about 3pm.

Sadly no PG the day FEAST comes out sad

But, Tim....horror movies.  Gonna hit Hollywood video and pick up a few.

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me thinks you guys misread my post lol.

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dang it Meh friday the 13th has always been a good day for
I will try to pull something out of my stinky sock 'o stories.....

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I remember playing the bloody mary game when i was in school on Friday the 13th when I was in Grade 1 nad having the shit scared out of me.

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i have not left  the house, i always get bad luck friday 13th
when i was in school, i sat on gum, it was on my pants,
also remeber last year, when i  was working at waterstones,
I got a bus, when i got up, fell of step, hit my head on women bum, got to work, puting the book on Bookshelf , about to walk out the room, out of no were Bookshelf fell, later i walking someone open the door in to my face.
week after i did leave

also remeber this janurary this year

i woke late that day, went to brust my teeth, my  toothbrush broke in my mouth,  my tooth came out, i was bleed for 2mins not lots of blood, i tumble down  the steps, i had bad breakfast, the food was not out of date, burn my shirt with the iron, got ready to leave, forgot my bus fare, went back home, then miss the bus, so late for work, got of the bus, i fell something warn on back of feet, i took shoes off, i then blood of back feet, i been were then months, and they bleed today.  i told my friends after that 10:30 am everything was fine,
(but my friends had the worst her couisin try kill her self, then he drive to working birds smashing windscreen total crack, the bird did not die) (my work also have mice running around ) 

but today my computer been acting really weried, i could not get onto it all die, when it came on herd male voice, volume going up and down by it self,

everything above is true!     

I do believe it bad luck on Friday 13th
also i black cat are NOT bad luck
evertime i see a black cat i win £10 on lotto

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I was born on a friday the 13th, so it has never meant much to me. I don't believe in bad luck, just bad karma.