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Stigma has submitted his first "opinion piece" for us and we want to really break him in by letting you all sound off on it now. Do you agree? Disagree? Has he been hitting the peace pipe?

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I can't say I agree, surely the fact HO1kC alone shows that ROb can actually give an extreme feel, which I can't say H20 or any of the latest films have done makes him a better candidate than another Music Video director...and Devil's Rejects shows some really great stylised shooting and ideas, to be pumped into a franchise like Halloween it should do some better work than Michael Bay or one of those other big money men which would usually be placed alongside any "Remake" news.

I don't say the succes for Devil's Rejects was odd, it was pushed correctly, and had a full structure unlike HO1kC, and over in the UK Rob's first movie got ZERO pushing, I accidentally picked it up as a "Buy 2 get One free" deal...thank you DVD pushers.

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Yea I really disagree with the piece.. Its very well written but just the fact that he hasn't even seen The Devils Rejects almost makes his whole arguement null. I know a lot of people who disliked HO1KC but loved Devils Rejects.

In fact that seems to be the consensus with most fans. I liked both the films. I don't know what his hang up is with the whole writing the script thing.. The hold up has nothing to do with the Halloween 2007 release date. There are two very good reasons for that...

One, Rob Zombie is on tour for his latest CD Educated Horses.. and two they obviously releasing it on Halloween to make the most money possible. You can't expect Zombie to write a script while he is on the road. That takes alot out of a person..

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Not only do I expect Rob Zombie to write a script while hes on the road I expect a Ham Sandwich with it. smile In all seriousness i knew alot of you guys would disagree with Stigma. I did see Devils Rejects and it was ok. House of 1000 Corpses was also ok but I wasnt quite clear on how it connected to the first one. The first one was a supernatural sort of film the 2nd one forgot all the supernatural jazz and made it a revenge flick.

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As a writer, I know that there is no such thing as a brand new, or in this case, original idea. All of the plot archetypes have been written - what makes things feel new to us is the different perspectives that come with the uniqueness of the individual writing them.

My problem with House was the whole time I watched it, I kept thinking, "holy missing-chainsaws batman! This is almost exactly like Texas Chainsaw Massacre!". I remember an interview that Zombie did where he said that he really did House as a throw back to TCM, and while I think that's ok, to me it was more copy-cating than throwbacking. Kind of like when you xerox your butt on the company copying machine - so close to the original, you want to squeeze the pimples.

Halloween is such a pinnacle in my mind, that House wasn't enough to make me all gooey inside about him writing, directing AND producing it. And overseeing the musical score. In my eyes, He hasn't proven himself to me to be the One-Man-Band yet.

But then again, I have yet to see TDR, so I might change my position. Or I might not. I'm fickle, like a cheerleader trying to decide which lipstick matches her panties better.

At least with all you guys saying it was good, I have been able to get my wife to let me bring it into the house, although she refuses to watch it.

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On the note of Zombie's first films.  1000 Corpeses I thought was a decent first film but it tried a bit too much to do an old grindhouse/explotation film and was also a bit too over the top for me.  Rejects, a far better film that reminds me a bit of Peckinpah with the action while still being a great psychological horror.  I did a serious 'Is this the same guy who did 1000 Corpses?' after it was finished.

After seeing Rejects, I am very excited knowing Rob Zombie is helming the remake and I think he will bring the ass kicking Mike Meyers back.

I have to agree with everyone else here Stig, the article is well written but you need to see Rejects before passing judgment on Zombie.  Its far more down to earth and grittier than the first.

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I'm excited to see Zombie's Halloween.  Sure it probrably wont be any John Carpenter original but it will still probrably be good.  I say that because i truly enjoyed "House of 1000 corpses" and "Devils Rejects".  Bring on the gore.

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I watched The Devil's Rejects last night, and I have to say, as far as strict horror guidelines go, I like House better. While neither of them are going down on a favorite of mine, I have to say that the directing in TDR was better, but the writing wasn't to my taste. I had consistency problems from House to TDR - such as, what happened to the Doctor? In House, the Firefly family didn't seem to be killing just for themselves, but with a 'higher' purpose, to give the good old doc something to work on. I would think that the raid on the farm would have discovered the doc. Also, in House, the firefly family doesn't know that they are doing wrong when they kill. They wouldn't have run from the cops in House. However, in TDR, they run, knowing they have done wrong. There are two different forms of psychological damage there, but I would have to get out my psycho-pathology book to find the terms again, and it's just too damn early in the morning for that.

Overall, objectively, was it a well made film? Yes, I would have to say it was well made. Only two things got me - When Sheriff Wydell is first introduced, and is speaking to the deputy, the overacting is horrid (it got better right after that scene). The second thing that got me was the bad CG when the mom from the traveling banjo's was knifed. I think that scene would have been stronger had she just left that knife in.

Do I still think that Zombie is a good pick for the next Halloween? Not really. I would much rather see a more experienced director/writer doing this. Truth be told, I would rather Carpenter do it, but that's not going to happen.

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Well... you really must not have watched the special features on the disc.. Because they have a deleted scene where Doctor Satan is being put in a hospital which also contains the scene with Rosario Dawson.. Anyway he goes crazy rips her throat out and they kill him..

Zombie chose to cut the scene and for good reason.. He felt that the scene was too over the top.. Much of DR is very real and gritty while House was on some kind of bad trip.. So to insert the scene of Dr. Satan would have alienated the viewer.

As for not knowing they are doing wrong I'm not sure where you get that from. I'm pretty sure they knew what they were doing was wrong because they were spooked the first time in House when the cops came to their house.

I can tell that you just don't like Rob Zombie for one reason or another. Because you even stated that its a well made film, you just don't want him to make the next Halloween. So I am curious who would do a better job? I mean their really is no one to choose from.. I mean horror directors are pretty much drying up.. We have alot of movies coming out but none of them have the caliber or talent that zombie has.. Especially at capturing a period film like Halloween is going to be..

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IMO about the Firefly family, I think that killing is just normal to them as waking up in the morning to you and me.  They are just a family of Charlie Mansons who just like killing. 

The reason why Otis and Baby do run from the house is because they are overpowered.  Wydell has maybe around 30 men with him armed to the teeth with revolvers, shotguns and M16s and the Fireflies have a BAR, a M16 and some revolvers...not much of an even match and after Wydell bursts through the door with other officers and gun down the guy in the metal suit...anyone would get outta there.  Just a smart move.

I like Zombie doing Halloween.  But if there is to be any other director outside of him or Carpenter...Eli Roth, David Cronenberg, or maybe Tim Sullivan.

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Cronenberg? Its definetly not his kind of work.. He would turn it down.. He does alot of his own weird work.. Sullivan maybe but he would be a gamble. I almost said Roth but thought of his upcoming work on Hostel 2, Cell, maybe a Bad Seed remake.. That guy is way too busy.

I honestly can't think of anybody that would make such a perfect fit for Halloween. Well other than Carpenter himself. Zombie is known for being gritty and having his films set in the 70s.. Thats exactly what the Producers of this film want..

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Goon - I agree with you, horror directors are drying up. If I had a choice though, I would choose Carpenter. Afterall, he was the father of the cannon. It's not that I have any against Zombie (love his music), it's that I love the Halloween series (well at least the first two.. the others... I am still out for debate on). I agree that few have any caliber... what happened to all of our good directors? Why aren't we producing new ones?

As for the firefly family... When I first saw House, they reminded me of Ed Geins, whose sense of right and wrong was skewed to the point where he didn't even try to hide the bodies, as opposed to Charlie Manson, who knew what he did was wrong and tried his best to hide it, and run from the cops. Not to say that the Firefly family is freakin insane - of course they are. But they seemed to have different types of insanity. Just my opinion.

Although, thegoldensimatar did point out that being overpowered was a good motivation for running. I like that explanation, and it's a very good point.

No I didnt watch the extended scenes, but thank you for pointing them out. I also agree with you, it would have been kinda like an odd man out (like the big fat guy who never gets picked for soccer practice).  Zombie wanted a flick that was closer to reality, with a less supernatural feel - to really showcase the serial killer mentality of an entire family.

Thanks for the discussion guys, and for educating me wink I have other articles, if Meh feels like posting them, that deal with other issues. I look forward to the discussions on those as well.

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I look forward to checking those out.. Heh a little discussion is always good.. I know not everyone has the same tastes in horror and its good that we have some new blood writing some pieces for the site.

Heh I kind of figured it was one or the other.. Either you didn't like Zombie or you just loved Halloween so much you didn't want to see it get carved up like the last couple of films have done to the francshise.. Busta Rhymes anyone?


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dont even pretend you dont like busta rhymes homie. Yo shizzle, fizzle in the hizzle.YO

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*thinks*  Yeah, Cronenberg's stuff is a little TOO WEIRD.  I would just love to see a brain scan of that guy or maybe a TV series THE DREAMS OF DAVID CRONENBERG.  tongue

Meh...what did you just say?

*is a pasty white Caucasian kid in the burbs with no knowledge of the current culture or trends*

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all hail ROB ZOMBIE

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I think that Halloween should have been left alone, and I think the new halloween will be awful.

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ok I think halloween will be very good when it comes out and I think Rob will do a great job at, I thought house and Rejects were the best two movies I've seen in years being there has been nothing but shit thats come out, Rob did house and rejects that way because he wanted to try and bring back the old horror and I think he succeeded quit well at no I don't agree with your topic..but hey everyone is entitled to there opinion..I'am a big fan of his and not just his movies but also his music and videos..and I give Carpenter alot of credit for handing his baby over to Rob that goes to show right there that he will to a good job..

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Stigma did indeed have too much sugar that day. Rob's directing style/approach has improved greatly within just two feature films. If this is any indication then we'll be in for a gritty treat when his version of Halloween comes out.