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The Wicked One is a horrifying tale focusing on a small group of College students who soon discover what was once called an "urban myth" is about to become a frightening reality. When a former mythology professor reveals the truth behind the story of “Appladus"  and his minions from hell, the teens begin to experience an eerie chain of events, which lead them to believe they have somehow opened a porthole for the hell spawn and his demon army. The professor warns them that once Appladus’ soul has found the right vessel to reincarnate his physical form, he will raise hell on earth once again and destroy all human existence by unleashing millions of evil, tormented and malicious dead upon the living. With time running out, “Jackson"  (Jared Haas) and his friends must find a way to stop Appladus from locating a vessel and thwart the demon’s plan to allow hell’s army to roam the earth once again.

What do you think?


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First, very very nice site work.

Alas, the make-up in this movie is what gets me.  I looks like face paint.

But I never judge a book by it's cover.

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We figured Romero pulled it off. Na seriously we only had so much funding and towards the end we did spring for some prosthetics. It was our first feature, next one is gonna be crazy.

Glad you liked the cost more then the film....kidding


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looks cool and ADOG its good to see somebody TELL us about their movie rather then just dropping a link. I will see if we can get some news up for yuh.

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Sweet would greatly appreciate it.