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Found a nice new article about Automoon Transfusion, A movie I have been keep an eye out for since I heard abou it. Also found a few other tid-bits of info.

The big discovery at the Screamfest LA festival in Hollywood has to be writer-director Steven C. Miller’s AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION. This is another low-budget (shot on digital video in nine days) entry in a seemingly depleted genre – the apocalyptic zombie film – but it rocks with an incredible energy thanks to hardcore metal music, incredibly over-the-top gore effects, and an awesomely impressive dedication to playing its horror straight, instead of going for the cop-out tongue-in-cheek attitude many low-budget filmmakers favor to hide their shortcomings. Honest to god, this is a movie that makes you feel sorry for the poor bastards caught up in the horror, instead of eagerly cheering for them to become zombie chow.

There’s barely a plot, but who needs one? The movie just sets up the situation and then runs on adrenalin. After a couple of isolated zombie attacks to set the mood, a bunch of the kids from the local high school go to a party, but a trio of guys head out to a late-afternoon show at a club in the city. Along the way, they’re stunned by an absence of rush-hour traffic on the freeway and even more stunned by the complete absence of people in the city. It’s not long before they’re chased by a horde of zombie cannibals, and the rest of the film follows their attempts to get back home to save their family and friends.

The movie pushes the outer envelope of on-screen violence: besides the obligatory shotgun to the head routine, one cheerleader has her jaw ripped off; and a pregnant girl suffers an unwilling abortion, then lives just long enough to see a zombie devouring her fetus.

But what’s really shocking – well, maybe not shocking but certainly surprising – is how much juice the film gets out of its young cast. It’s always nice to see movie teenagers acting like real people instead of the idiots we usually see in Hollywood horror films. But more than that, making them the leads adds another turn of the screw in a story about the end of the world as we know it – it’s a situation that would put any adult through the proverbial gauntlet, and it’s even more intense watching these kids try to grapple with a something that’s just too big to control.

Fox Atomic plans to host footage from "Turistas," "Hills Have Eyes 2" and "28 Weeks Later" on Oct. 31. Here's the message we received today from them: "Your pals at Fox Atomic have a special treat for all you horror fiends - on Halloween Day, the Carnival of Lost Souls will roll into town and take over! This special online event, only on, will feature exclusive clips and interviews from the upcoming film Turistas, as well as the first looks EVER at 28 Weeks Later and The Hills Have Eyes 2! Other treats include sneak peeks of the 28 Days Later: The Aftermath and The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning graphic novels, horror trivia contests, an online costume contest, special prizes, and much, much more. Also, expect a few surprises… you never know WHO will stop by, so make sure you’re hanging around all day on October 31st!"

Lance Henriksen wants a role in the upcoming "Near Dark" remake. He was the star of the original now-classic and arguably the best vampire film of the past several decades. He told Sci Fi Wire of the remake (which he just learned about from the interview): "Oh, man, I hadn't heard that. It's one of my favorites, Near Dark. If they were smart, what they would do is get a hold of Bill Paxton, Jenette Goldstein and me, and do something that starts as a prequel to Near Dark. They need to have a conversation with us, because, man, Billy Paxton and I have been talking about this, about what we would do, if we did a prequel. And really great stuff came up. So it would be very wise of them to connect us."

Meanwhile, Henriksen also spoke with Dread Central about "Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes" and "Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud." "These films take place 20 years after the events of the first film. It’s in the same town; some of those places don’t ever change, which [helped me find the character]. I’m playing a ghost, so it was fun." he explained. "You don’t really play a ghost you know; there are a lot of things to play when you’re playing a ghost but it’s more about warning somebody. It’s a good ghost; he’s the morality warning of the film

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Dude, you rock.  Love any and all horror news and tidbits.  Thanks.

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keep an eye on our website as we will have all kinds of exclusive goodies releasing htat day for Hills Have eyes 2 and 28 Weeks later. Automaton Transfusion has been covered in detail and I encourage everyone to read the reviews on site.

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Nice post bro.  Thanks for the info.